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Damon Huard for League MVP?

Michael David Smith from The Fanhouse seems to think that isn't that crazy,

Damon Huard, quarterback, Chiefs: This is the shocker on the list. If, before the season, I had ranked all 1,500 or so NFL players in order of how likely they were to be on an MVP watch list, I'm not sure Huard would have made the top 750. But this guy is just playing incredible football right now. Seven touchdowns, one interception, a passer rating of 96.7. Maybe we shouldn't be shocked -- after all, Huard's only other stint as a starter was as a substitute for the injured Dan Marino in 1999, and he played well enough that a lot of Dolphins fans wanted to keep Marino on the sidelines. It's too bad it took so long for him to get another chance.
As much of a Chiefs fan as I am, I have to say Huard probably won't make league MVP.

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