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Shutout Proves Chiefs are For Real

After struggling to put up points in the first two games of the season, the Chiefs ran all over the 49ers.  Damon Huard was fantastic, not throwing an interception and putting up two TDs as well. LJ was a bit off but he still put up 101 yards rushing and got himself a pair of TDs. Dante Hall flashed us back to 2003 with a great punt return.

Other teams take note of this KC - SF game.  The Chiefs are either better than everyone thought or the 49ers are worse.  I'm leaning toward the former.  The defense dominanted and and did what I said they needed to do- more sacks and improve the turnover differential.  The Chiefs put up 5 sacks and created 4 turnovers.  Without any turnovers themselves, the Chiefs are now positive on turnovers for the year, a very important number that winning teams don't let get away from them.

Is San Francisco really that bad? I don't think so.  Shutting out an NFL team let alone scoring 41 points while doing it is something that is hard to do. Parity doesn't veer that far in this league.  The Chiefs just had one of those games where everything clicked and everything went wrong for the opposing team.  Yes, we played damn well.  Made me flashback to Atlanta in 2004 and the Rams at home in 2002. Neither one of those games was a shutout but they still remind me a completely dominant Chiefs team, which is what we saw on Sunday.  

Final game stats here.

It's Game Time.

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