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What is There to Say About the Kansas City Chiefs Loss?

A whole hell of a lot. Yesterday's loss to the Steelers was crushing, disappointing and telling about how the Chiefs season will go. And its not all bad...

But most of it is. For the second straight week, Larry Johnson was held to under 40 yards rushing. I'm not sure whats going on with LJ. He has lacked explosiveness and aggresiveness the last two games. I know he had a sore neck this past week and it seems like that affected him more than the injury report or Herm Edwards let on. There are no holes for him to run through nor does he explode through when the offensive line opens one up. LJ should be rushing for at least 100 yards a game. I'm not saying he should be pushing 150 a game or anything but the usual 115 yards rushing and maybe a TD or two. I would even take 85 yards rushing and no TDs at this point. If the Chiefs are to start a Cinderella run now, the foundation must be Larry Johnson. As LJ goes, so go the Chiefs.

Yet again, Tony Gonzalez is nowhere to be found. He has 40 yards receiving in the last two games. Gonzalez can hardly be considered a threat in Herm Edward's/Mike Solari's offense. Remember in 2003 when TG caught ten touchdowns? I barely do either.

With the exception of yesterday's game, you could say the Chiefs defense was playing pretty damn well because it was. The D is still a top 5-8 defense. All teams have flukes like yesterday. Good and great teams minimize the times that happens though. And we are hardly a good team right now. Don't get me wrong. The Kansas City Chiefs are still damn talented and, with some luck, potentially in the AFC West race within a few weeks. Unfortunately, with Denver and San Diego sitting at 4 and 1, the Chiefs have a long, long climb to win the AFC West. If we don't win the AFC West, its going to be extremely tough to win a Wild Card spot. Are we better than Jacksonville? Are we better than Baltimore? Are we better than the Steelers? Right now I have to say not. I'm not writing off playoff chances. I'm saying that sitting here in Week 6, the Chiefs chances do not look that promising. Its just a fact. Accept if you want or not. This has not lessened my love or excitement for the Chiefs 2006 campaign. I will still be cheering hard. This 2 and 3 start will need a hell of a rest of the season to be erased from our memory. And the Kansas City Chiefs can do it.

Is that glass half full or half empty?

Update [2006-10-16 20:11:46 by Chris]: Fullback Ronnie Cruz out for the season.

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