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Antrel Rolle Fined $12,500 for Larry Johnson Tackle

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In a move that will be considered almost a vindication for Chiefs fans, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antrel Rolle has been fined $12,500 for his vicious and illegal tackle on Kansas City Chiefs runningback Larry Johnson.

This is Rolle's second tackling fine this year. He also maliciously tackled Seattle RB Shaun Alexander earlier this year, for which he was fined $5,000. Word to the wise- If you suck enough to keep getting burned on tackles, don't take out your frustration on an opponent. Especially don't do it in a manner that may harm their entire career.  

Arizona and other NFL teams take note. You don't want to end up like Rolle's alma mater the University of Miami and become known for recruiting shitty players who intentionally attempt to injure other players.