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Is Priest Holmes Being a Good Teammate?

While checking out Chiefs Planet and their messageboard, it occurred to me that Priest Holmes was being a bitchy teammate. Priest rarely speaks with anyone associated with the team anymore. When was the last time you heard Priest quoted on anything? Exactly...

Now take a look at Trent Green. Trent is guiding Huard and Croyle while he recovers from his concussion. He attends team meetings and his presence has been felt ever since he went down in Week 1. Trent, like Priest, is injured but he isn't shunning his teammates. I know what you're thinking.

"But Priest Holmes is more than likely going to retire."  

I'm sure Priest is hanging around for some sort of injury settlement or is working something out to max out the amount of money he can get. I can't blame him for that. What I will blame him for is spending the first quarter of the season in Texas. Where is his interest in his team? Why isn't he cheering on his teammates? Priest is on the PUP list but that only prohibits him from practicing with the team. He can still attend team meetings. You would think he would at least do that. But no. You think he would at least stick around in the same state as the team. But no.

Priest may be about to retire but that does not forgive ignoring your teammates of the past 4 years. Come on Priest. I know you're busy with baby mama drama but lets hear from you once and a while. You are still technically part of the team and should act like it.

I'm not asking for Priest Holmes to be coaching younger players or jumping up and down on the sideline. Just give us the appearance of giving a shit about the Chiefs. Just a bit. Its the only proper thing to do.

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