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Morning Article Update

Lionel Dalton cut from the Chiefs

"This happened to me in Denver," Dalton said last week. "Ray Rhodes quit, and me and a few other guys were (gone). Certain coaches, when they come in, they've got a certain player they like or a body type or a personality. And if you don't fit into that mold, you don't get to play."

The  KC Star's blurb about coach's favorites
Like other NFL teams, the Chiefs have had their share of players whom one coach coveted and another could do without. Here's a look at some players who either survived a coaching change or saw their status on the team plummet.

Is Priest Holmes' career over? Probably.
It has been nearly a year since Priest Holmes' season drifted away in the San Diego sun, and Holmes still isn't anywhere near Arrowhead Stadium. Some hurt players stick around and watch practice, but Holmes is back in San Antonio with his future as uncertain as the day he collided with Shawne Merriman.

[editor's note, by Chris] Keep checking Behind the Steel Curtain for Steeler's news this week.

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