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Injury Updates

Trent Green is still out this week. Larry Johnson's injury last week turned out to be just a sore neck.  He will play this week against the Steelers. Dante Hall has a hip pointer and his status for the Steeler game is uncertain.  Eddie Kennison and Jeff Webb will fill in for Dante if he can't go. Read more here. And in case you were wondering what a hip pointer actually is, like me, check it out:

A hip pointer is an injury is to the iliac crest, the bony prominence that can be felt along the waist line. When someone sustains a hip pointer injury, the bone and overlying muscle can be bruised.

In more serious cases of hip pointer, the hit can be so severe that a fracture of the bone results. While the treatment may not change, a fracture will likely cause a delay in healing and more painful symptoms.

Dante Hall may just need some rest. It doesn't seem like he broke any bones and if you remember, he was walking around the sidelines a bit against Arizona.

Update [2006-10-10 9:49:7 by Chris]: Here is a clip of the Larry Johnson catch and run and the facemask.

[editor's note, by Chris] You may have to double click on the above video and watch it from the YouTube website. It doesn't want to load on here for some reason.

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