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Herm Edwards Press Conference Today

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Here are some snippets from the head coach's press conference:

HERM EDWARDS: "Trent (Green) is feeling better, but he's still day to day and we'll see where he's at after he meets with the doctor later on this afternoon to see if he can start working out. That's a good sign.

"Michael Bennett is still doubtful (hamstring) and Kyle Turley (back) is anxiously waiting to practice, so I'd put him as questionable. Larry Johnson (neck) is sore but I anticipate he'll be at practice. Dante Hall (hip pointer) is a little bit sore, but I anticipate he'll be at practice.

Q: So you anticipate Dante (Hall) will be able to play?

EDWARDS: "I anticipate that. He's got a little sore hip, but I don't know how bad it is. He says he's going to try and go this week."

Q: How serious is Larry (Johnson's)?

EDWARDS: "His neck is a little sore but he's going to be fine."

Good news all around on the injury front. It sounds like Trent Green may be able to go for the home game against San Diego.