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Lottery Tickets

Film review: UDFA Mike Rose has long frame, athleticism at linebacker

The Iowa State prospect had a more decorated college career than most undrafted free agents.

UDFA defensive lineman Malik Herring shows lots of promise for 2022

The Chiefs have struck gold on undrafted free agents before. Could the Georgia defensive lineman be next?

UDFA Breakdown: Zayne Anderson

The Chiefs have struck gold on undrafted free agents before. Could the BYU safety be next?

South Alabama’s Riley Cole: an instinctual linebacker who could make the Chiefs on special teams

The Chiefs have struck gold on undrafted free agents before. Could the South Alabama linebacker be next?

Meet Dicaprio Bootle — a speedy defensive back from Nebraska

The Chiefs have struck gold on undrafted free agents before. Could the Nebraska defensive back be next up?

This rookie from SMU could push the back end of the Chiefs safety room

This undrafted rookie could push Armani Watts for one of the final spots in the safety room.

The Chiefs might see some Chris Conley in this undrafted free agent

The wideout out of Vanderbilt draws some similarity to former Chiefs and current Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Chris Conley.

By improving his mental game, CB Javaris Davis could make the Chiefs roster

The Auburn cornerback has the athletic skills to succeed in the NFL. If he can improve his mental game, he’ll be hard to cut.

Lottery Tickets: Lavert Hill has intelligence and character to burn

When you’re not the biggest or fastest guy on the field, you have to play harder and smarter.

With some technical improvement, Darryl Williams could make the final roster

The Chiefs have made a significant investment in the undrafted free agent center from Mississippi State — and with some work, the investment could pay off.

Why ‘lottery tickets’ matter in the NFL and for the Chiefs

Every year, NFL teams take shots on low-risk, high-reward signings. In the end, those players can make all the difference.

Get to know John Lovett, who could do a little bit of everything for the Chiefs

The former Princeton quarterback is an intriguing prospect for the Chiefs and Andy Reid.

Here is how wide receiver Cody Thompson makes the Chiefs’ 53-man roster

Thompson’s route running and raw skills could see him break into the Chiefs’ WR room.

Deon Yelder is probably the “favorite” to win Chiefs’ No. 2 tight end job

The Chiefs need a second tight end, and this lottery ticket should be in the mix to win the position.

Examining why the Chiefs made such a financial commitment to WR Jamal Custis

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound receiver should be a player to watch at Chiefs training camp up in St. Joseph.

Chiefs running back James Williams’ strength comes as a pass-catcher

Williams is one of six running backs on the Chiefs roster headed into training camp.

Chiefs cornerback Mark Fields is the epitome of low-risk, high-reward

The Chiefs landed a UDFA CB that could make the 53-man roster.

The Chiefs excel at building the bottom of their roster

The Lottery Tickets series is returning to Arrowhead Pride this summer.

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