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Can Big Ben and Haley co-exist in Pittsburgh?

"How does Roethlisberger respond to getting slapped around a little?" Starkey asks. "The organization that granted him nearly unlimited power to play as he saw fit -- heck, to play when he saw fit after his ankle injury -- is trying to reclaim a portion of said power. And there is no delicate way to do that. "So get your popcorn ready. It's either going to work to spectacular results or blow up in their faces. Applaud the high-risk, high-reward philosophy that has often served the Steelers well. Question their methods. Enjoy the cabaret."

Todd Haley could be in for a bumpy ride in Pittsburgh

Problem is, a lot of people in the Steelers organization didn't want Arians (who is now the Colts offensive coordinator) to be fired -- head coach Mike Tomlin expressed his endorsement of Arians' work after the Steelers were upset by the Denver Broncos in the wild-card round, and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was known to be concerned about the direction of the offense after Arians' departure.

Haley not expected to join Cardinals | ProFootballTalk


I think Haley is running out of options. Maybe he can hook on to a network job.

Pitt coach Graham quits for Arizona State job


Seems like a possible Todd Haley destination, no?

So Long Todd Haley


Todd Haley is gone. But the memories remain. =)

Midseason player poll: Coughlin least desired coach


Bill Belichick came in third, and Todd Haley tied for 5th -- with Rex Ryan, of all people.

The Clarks insinuate Haley will be around a few more years


FTA - "Making a head coaching change," he said, "is not something we’re contemplating." "They have an excellent relationship. I understand there’s been a lot of focus on that subject. But in the time I’ve been around them, they work very well together. They have a shared vision for the kind of football team they’re trying to build. ... "I’ve seen both of them grow tremendously over the past 2 1/2 years that they’ve been here," Hunt said. "Are they as good as they’re going to be two or three years from now? Probably not. But they’ve made a lot of progress, and I think they’re doing a great job building the franchise."

Parcells behind two miserable franchises


Whitlock still ripping the Chiefs. Wow. Just. Wow. I cant say I totally disagree though.

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