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Amateur Hour Podcast w/ Kent Babb


Former KC Star columnist Kent Babb knows more about Scott Pioli than probably any other media member. He is the author of the infamous "Arrowhead Anxiety" piece that sent ripples through this organization. He may have skipped town to Washington DC, but he still has a special rooting interest with these Chiefs, and it goes like this: Get Scott Pioli fired. He sounds off on this, and all things Chiefs, on this week's episode of Amateur Hour hosted by His Dirkness and Ryan Hall.

Flaws of Chiefs' GM exposed


Scott Pioli is yet another flop to come out of the Patriots' organization.

Pioli, Chiefs continue to go in right direction

While the Denver Broncos dominate headlines with the Peyton Manning addition, the Chiefs continue to build a promising roster. Kansas City added several pieces, highlighted by the additions of cornerback Stanford Routt, running back Peyton Hillis, right tackle Eric Winston and tight end Kevin Boss. I got a chance to catch up with Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli on Tuesday. Pioli is clearly pleased with the additions and how they continue to help his team move forward. Pioli is a student of how to build a winning roster and I think every move he makes is carefully considered and done in the scope of the big picture.

Chiefs want to draft quarterbacks the Ron Wolf way


"I like the idea and concept of trying to get a quarterback every year. It’s something that I know (longtime Packers GM) Ron Wolf did, and talking with Ron over the years, it’s something he firmly believes in. A number of us in this league learn from him." - Scott Pioli

The Clarks insinuate Haley will be around a few more years


FTA - "Making a head coaching change," he said, "is not something we’re contemplating." "They have an excellent relationship. I understand there’s been a lot of focus on that subject. But in the time I’ve been around them, they work very well together. They have a shared vision for the kind of football team they’re trying to build. ... "I’ve seen both of them grow tremendously over the past 2 1/2 years that they’ve been here," Hunt said. "Are they as good as they’re going to be two or three years from now? Probably not. But they’ve made a lot of progress, and I think they’re doing a great job building the franchise."

"....Sometimes I think Scott Pioli is very confused about what really made New England a winner..."


FTA - "It’s like he imported all the crap and left Tom Brady and Bill Belichick behind. "Let’s see, we got Vrabel, we got Cassel, we got tight security, we got a billionaire in a plush owner’s box, we got a condescending attitude. OK, let’s win some championships!""

Rosenthal: Which NFL teams would be most affected by lockout?


Excerpt: Publicly, NFL coaches and generals managers said things were business as usual. "Whatever the rules are, there will be the same rules for 32 teams," Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said. That’s true, but not all 32 teams face the same challenges. Pioli’s Chiefs are relatively well situated to handle a summer off. Others aren’t so lucky.

Only the Patriots (57 games) had rookies start more games than the Chiefs (51 games) in 2010.


Brady: 'Lack of trust' hurt Patriots


This is why the "Right 53" in the locker room is important... "The Patriots lost key veterans on defense -- Tedy Bruschi (retirement), Rodney Harrison (retirement), Mike Vrabel (trade) and Richard Seymour (trade) -- prior to the 2009 season and seemed to be searching for leadership all season."

Ross Tucker takes the sane approach


I often disagree with Mr. Tucker, mostly due to (sarcasm) his limited ability to reason effectively (no doubt a result of his inferior Princeton education). (/sarcasm) In this case, I appreciate his view of rebuilding the Chiefs: slow and steady wins the race.

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