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Sign Up at Eye-Draft.com and be the GM


Attention Chiefs fans! Want to call the shots and draft for the Chiefs in 2013. Eye-Draft.com lets you do just that. Sign up now, and participate with everyone else. This will take place 1 week before the actual NFL Draft. Prizes will be won. The exact same draft rules will apply. Time frame, scouting, the whole schibang. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/02/14/sign-up-at-eye-draft-com-and-be-the-gm/

Geno Smith Interview via 610Sports Radio


Geno Smith was on 610Sports Radio in KC via phone call today. Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison asked him a variety of questions, and even threw in a previously recorded sound bite of Mel Kiper saying no QB is worth the #1 pick. I am happy I was able to eat my lunch at the office and catch the interview. Geno was very well spoken and handled himself as a professional. He didn't divulge too much information, yet he said just enough. He did however dodge the very last question. We'll get to that later. (cont.) http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/geno-smith-on-610sports-radio-in-kansas.html#more

2013 NFL Mock Draft via Chiefs360


With the NFL Draft waning in the final week of April, many NFL fans will spend the time between now and then keeping up with free agent signings and looking at mock drafts. Of course every so-called draft ‘guru,’ has his/her own idea of what team needs what position the most, but no team needs a viable signal caller more than the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though a QB is needed, no indication has been made that the much needed QB will come from the draft. (cont) http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/02/11/chiefs360-2013-nfl-mock-draft/#more-1782

Did Brandon Albert Re-Sign?


It's no secret Brandon Albert was in Kansas City yesterday. But why? Hopefully it was for contract talks. As of now, no one knows, except those whom were present. Brandon took to Twitter yesterday and had a few brief tweets. No sign or indication a contract had been inked, but it makes you wonder.

Top Free Agents of 2013: A Look at LB


Linebacker? ILB? When will the Chiefs draft one? Will they sign one via FA? I've compiled a list of some valuable ILBs that will be available in FA, and compiled a list of possible college prospects that could fill in the ILB pos. next to Derrick Johnson. These next couple months will be very interesting to see what teams make what moves and to see who goes to where.

Operation: Vote DJ to Pro Bowl


If our very own DJ does not make it to the Pro Bowl, then we have failed as Chiefs fans. Seriously though, while you are sitting back, watching your college games this weekend, do Chiefs nation a favor and vote as many times as you possibly can for DJ. This guy deserves every bit of this... May the Sea of Red overtake the polls this weekend!

Fed Ex Ground - Player of The Year...


Support Jamaal Charles for FedEx ground player of the year by voting for him over Arian Foster, and Michael Turner at NFL.com.

Mike Vrabel tells the Boston Herald how happy he is to be in KC


great article about the development of KC, his relationship with Crennel and the team and his family that loves living here

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