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Kansas City Chiefs and the QB Recycling Ideology


1983. 2012. 29 years. In that span the Kansas City Chiefs have never, ever drafted a QB in the first round. The present: 2013. Will the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the 30-year mark, refusing to draft a 1st round QB?(Cont.)

Matt Cassel: Take a Pay Cut, or Be Released


Last week Frank Boal of Sports Radio 810 WHB and 41 Action News, had reported that the Kansas City Chiefs will option Matt Cassel to take a pay cut, or be released. (Read more) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/matt-cassel-take-pay-cut-or-be-released.html#more

Some Dude Compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel!


This is a must see! Absolutely riveting! What a fool! He actually compares Kurt Warner to Matt Cassel. I'm still in awe over this. http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/that-guy-said-kurt-warner-was-not-elite.html#more

Brandon Albert Has Not Signed A New Deal


Confirmed. Just got word. B. Albert has not, I repeat, has not inked a new deal. (Cont.)

Kansas City Chiefs to Stick with 3-4 Defense: How It Impacts 2013 NFL Draft


Im not a huge fan on B/R, but at times, their writers can be sensible and write as if they have knowledge of a certain situation. This particular article is worth a read. These paragraphs really stand out to me: "Twenty-five years of drafting bargain-bin quarterbacks has produced zero postseason success. Actually, zero success, period. After a quarter-century of experimenting, it's safe to say that the position may be worth developing. No, a player like Geno Smith isn't being touted as a solidified franchise savior, at least not to the extent that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were. But he's a pinpoint-accurate playmaker who hasn't seen pocket protection since the last Urkel marathon. And to add insult to injury, West Virginia's defense was exploited like a broken ATM virtually every time it took the field. Remember, Smith's mediocre—at least, by his standards—bowl performance occurred in a quasi-blizzard, where snow showered the stadium like cloud confetti, and the field looked like Yosemite Sam swapped Frosty's carrot with a stick of dynamite. Still, Smith (19-of-28, 201 yards, two touchdowns) outperformed another potential first-rounder, Ryan Nassib (11-of-23, 130 yards, two touchdowns, one interception), but West Virginia's defense allowed 369 yards rushing." What do you think?

Missouri: Least Offensive State in the NFL (aka - A Terrible, Terrible Stat)


Sorting the team stats by points scored per game, I noticed something so bad, it's almost funny. Almost. If you combine the two Missouri teams' (KC ranked 31st, STL ranked 32nd) in points scored per game from the 2011 regular season, they'd still only rank 6th just behind the Chargers, and still almost 10PPG behind GB. Ouch, baby. Very ouch.

Houston Earns King's Defensive Player of the Week


Defensive Players of the Week Kansas City LB Justin Houston. The rookie from Georgia made Caleb Hanie's life miserable (well, Hanie helped too) with three sacks, two more quarterback hits, a forced fumble and a pass deflected. Houston contributed to a defense that allowed a weakened Bear offense just 181 yards. Great plan by defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel too. He's having an outstanding run.


I just dont get it!!! C'mon man

With our season in rapid decay, I cant see anything wrong except for horrid management. The utter misuse of our surviving roster can only be explained as "tanking the season"!! Jackie Battle is a...


A "Realistic(?)" View of the 2009 Chiefs

I'd like to start out by saying I have limited knowledge of football. I played two weeks in High School, but was forced to quit when my job at Taco Bell wasn't flexible enough for three-a-day...

I couldn't resist! I was browsing YouTube for some Chiefs video and found what may be the worst...


I couldn't resist! I was browsing YouTube for some Chiefs video and found what may be the worst Chiefs video ever made!

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