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Let's Talk About Worth


As we all sit around, with the upcoming trade deadline upcoming, I would just like to congratulate the Chiefs for coming to their senses. This team, in what seems like the most hopeless stages of...


Practice Squad Guesstimations

We don't have a lot of time left to stew over potential practice squad players, so I thought I'd take an opportunity to chew on several players on this team that have little shot of making the...

My lengthy thoughts on the Cards game.


Props to DJ for his great post, I just wanted to add a lengthier biopsy on what exactly happened. We were outplayed. But we did it while creating plays, while moving the ball, while attacking the...

Top Ten Questions About Today's Game...


I make no promises that this is going to be a regular segment. Absolutely none. 1. Finally, we face a real offense! Are we about to be exposed? I believe this team is on the path to redemption,...

Projections from Batman himself.


Adam Best (a.k.a. Batman) of Arrowhead Addict posts a great projection of the Chiefs' 2008 season on Yardbarker. It includes who he thinks will bust out, who he thinks will flounder, etc. etc. B...

The War Over Sippio: Phantom Menace


The difficult decision. The folk hero. The long shot. The fan favorite. This year, once again, thy name is WR Bobby Sippio, the star of Arena football, struggling to make himself known on a...


Your personal WR depth chart?

As it stands now. Let's see 'em! Mine would be as follows (for now): Bowe - Without a question, a potential Pro-Bowler. Franklin - Strong debut as a rookie -- could the Chiefs find two...

How Rebuilding Might Progress


Allow me to widen the lens quite a bit for one post. We are at the very start of what's likely to be a very long year. A mere handful of wins and a top five selection in the '09 Draft seems...

KC Linebackers


With all of the attention on so many of our rookies, we on Arrowhead Pride, as well as most fans and the major media, have primarily been focused on the offensive line, the defensive line, wide...


Chiefs release one, grab another.

I think the Chiefs are starting to settle down on their five CBs. We all know they're going to keep Surtain, Flowers, and Carr. I believe at this point that Leggett might be their fourth, following...

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