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Full Chief Mock Draft

First off, this is my first mock draft, as well as my first fanpost. Please forgive any and all amature mistakes I may make. RD1 I wanted to address one of, in my opinion, our biggest weakness...


Staying On this Offseason

The speculation and anxiety that comes with the offseason is unbearable. No one has ANY clue what the new front office is thinking because they're just figuring out a consensus between themselves....


New England's BILL O'BRIEN head coach of PENN ST

Take his name off the the Chiefs List. Good hire for PSU, though. He's the type of guy that can take a lot of the stress off of that community and intrigue recruits based off of his work w/ Tom...


Playoff scenario

I keep reading the scenario needed to take place for the Chiefs to get into the playoffs. That scenario as I have read it is: Den loses @ Buffalo KC wins out SD loses once My question is why do the...


Stop Defending Haley - Look at the Stats

Todd might have been a nice guy but he was a sloppy coach. 11 of his last 16 games had 3+ quarters without a Touchdown. The guy was hired for being an offensive genius. The man who created the...


What did Jackie do?

I really want to know what did Jackie Battle do to the coaching staff? I was holding my breath when they gave him carries at first but he played great. Then without a fumble or an indication he was...


What Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Has Actually Done

From the FanPosts -Joel It always surprises me when I listen to people discuss the Kansas City Chiefs and they completely gloss over how terrible this team was when Scott Pioli and Todd Haley got...


My Chiefs' Twisted Fantasy / My 1st Post

I am new to AP; longtime reader; 1st time fanposter. I recently went to my 1st Chiefs games against Seattle.I'd like to thank Steve_Chiefs and 1kmilesfromkc for the big board and free agents. Its...


C'mon Chiefs fans......

1. There were still tons of empty seats. I know we have had some bad years…but c’mon. We are 5-2, 4-0 at home, and still lead the AFC West by 1 1/2 games. Plus, it was a perfect day for football....


House Money

We were supposed to be at best 2-1 right now in the season. By being 3-0, we will be playing with house money in Indy, I say roll those dice and see how hot we can get :) If we can survive the...

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