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Court Issues Ruling: NFL Lockout Is Legal


Several weeks ago the NFL and NFLPA went before the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and stated their case for why the NFL lockout is legal (NFL's argument) and why it is not legal (NFLPA's...

NFL Lockout: League, NFLPA Confirm Meetings


It's been widely reported that officials from the NFL and NFLPA met in Chicago on Wednesday and again on Thursday to discuss the NFL lockout. We thought at one point that the two sides had gotten...

Not Everybody Is Hoping That The NFL Lockout Ends Quickly


Have we missed something here? Could it be that there are actually some folks out there who will gain something by having the lockout drag on? Apparently it's true.

Rosenthal: Which NFL teams would be most affected by lockout?


Excerpt: Publicly, NFL coaches and generals managers said things were business as usual. "Whatever the rules are, there will be the same rules for 32 teams," Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said. That’s true, but not all 32 teams face the same challenges. Pioli’s Chiefs are relatively well situated to handle a summer off. Others aren’t so lucky.

Dan Rooney Not In Favor of 18 Regular Season Games


Steelers chairman Dan Rooney has arrived from Ireland. Weighs in on labor. Still doesn’t like 18 games. "I would rather not have the money." Rooney expressed his concern about the lack of progress in negotiations with a small group of reporters, but also noted the league’s continued success. "The games this year couldn’t be better. The ratings are high. So why would you step back?" Regarding a lockout, Rooney said "We should not let the disruption of next season happen," and added, "The players, of course, want to play, and that’s what should happen."

Instead Of Player Pay Cuts, NFL Needs More Revenue Sharing - Forbes

Using the Forbes data from 2004 to 2009 – the last year Forbes ran their values – what gets painted is a case of haves and have-nots within the ownership ranks. And what that shows is instead of asking the players to take a pay cut, what is really needed is increased revenue-sharing.

Scott Fujita gives player's side of potential NFL lockout

Former [Chiefs] linebacker Scott Fujita, one of the representatives for the players association, wanted to give the player's side of the potential impending NFL lockout.

NFLPA to players: Save pay, lockout's coming


"The NFL players' union is advising its members to prepare for a lockout it expects to come in March, telling players to save their last three game checks this year in case there is no season in 2011."

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