Chiefs camp practice reports

Bathroom breaks: Day 12 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs took the field for another practice on Tuesday morning. We weren't at practice today but we did collect a bunch of tweets from those who were.

Mad ramblings: Monday's practice

AP reader Scott Mahurin visits Chiefs training camp and comes away with these observations.


Observations from Chiefs camp on Monday

AP user zbschiefs drops in with great observations on the Chiefs Monday practice.

Staying healthy: Day 11 practice report


I was not out at KC Chiefs training camp for Monday's practice but plenty of others were. Read on for updates from day 11 of Chiefs training camp in St. Joe.

Position battle Sunday: Day 10 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs practiced in cloudy weather with just a little bit of rain on Sunday morning. It was practice No. 9 and day No. 10 for the KC Chiefs, who play the Saints on Friday. Read on...

Family Fun Day: Day 9 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs were back on the field for training camp on Saturday morning. There was an extra energy in the crowd with Family Fun Day and over 6,000 Chiefs fans in attendance. Read on for...


NigerianNightmare's Super Cool Camp Review: 8/2

What's up people of AP, I'm back in St. Joe after a 5 day hiatus for some training camp action! Brskr seems to have done a good job in keeping you guys educated on what's been going on (and I...

Alex, Chase, Tyler & Ricky: Day 8 practice report


I was not out at KC Chiefs training camp practice on Friday morning because I had to take my sick dog to the vet. Others were out at camp and we compiled some of their observations from Friday's...

You have to catch it: Day 7 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up another day of practice at training camp in St. Joe. See what you missed with this practice report.

Chiefs are off: Day 6


It's off day at training camp, which means the Kansas City Chiefs will not practice on Wednesday.


Chiefs camp weekend No. 1

AP user Brskr recaps his weekend at KC Chiefs training camp.

The injury bug: Day 5 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs continue to work outside in St. Joe for their 2013 training camp. Day five of camp brought us a number of injury updates, Alex Smith getting knocked to the ground (he's fine)...

The rain day: Day 4 practice report


The Chiefs practiced in the rain on Monday for the team's fourth practice of training camp. The highlights include the loss of Eric Berry (but don't worry!), full-on tackling to the ground for the...

The pads are on: Day 3 practice report


Welcome to day three of Chiefs training camp where Dwayne Bowe returned to the field, the pads came out for the first time and we get an update on injured guard Jeff Allen. Read on for updates.

Cool as can be: Day 2 practice report


The Kansas City Chiefs took the field for day two of training camp. Notable story lines include a possible injury to Jeff Allen, Dwayne Bowe's continued absence and an interesting defensive...

Welcome to the jungle: Day 1 practice report


Here she is, your very first KC Chiefs training camp practice report of the 2013 season. Read on for updates from day one of Chiefs camp in St. Joe.

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