Flex scheduling now starts in Week 5

The potential flex games between Week 5 and Week 10 come with a stipulation. The NFL can't change the tentative Sunday Night Football game every week. The league may flex up to two games total into Sunday night between Weeks 5-10. The rest of the flexible schedule procedures from previous years remains intact. After Week 11, the NFL can flex any Sunday Night game.

Flex scheduling can now start as early as Week 5 -

Schedule Release Tomorrow

NFL Schedule will be released tomorrow. 8 pm ET on @nflnetwork and Analysis aplenty here.

— NFL: AroundTheLeague (@NFL_ATL) April 22, 2014 7pm Arrowhead Time

Dorsey likes to search odd places for talent

"I was down at the [high school] all-star game maybe two or three years ago, Texas vs. the Nation. I happened to be out to dinner and was talking to some gentleman and he started talking about great high school players from Arkansas who didn’t play football in college. He said to keep an eye on [Harris] because he was all-state and this and that. I always have a Franklin planner with me where I keep notes. I just wrote down his name with the note to research him when he was eligible for the draft.

Kansas City Chiefs' John Dorsey likes to search odd places for talent - ESPN

Who wants to join the AP mock draft?

We're missing BuckTheFroncos with the Lions pick at No. 10 overall. Tell me in the comments if you want to be the Lions GM, and you're on the clock.

AP mock draft

Chiefs could look at another kicker (probably just for the offseason)

[Former Nebraska kicker Brett] Maher was one of three kickers at the camp, and said he is also waiting to hear whether a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs will materialize.

Former Husker Brett Maher kicks for CFL team

Don't expect TE in the first round?

One position I don’t see the Chiefs drafting in the first round is tight end.

Q and A: Would Kansas City Chiefs draft Johnny Manziel? - ESPN I agree with this ... give Kelce at least one shot.

3 months later, Bowe says he wasn't being profiled

"I just wanted to clear up a few things regarding the Riverside incident," Bowe said in the statement. "I don’t believe I was racially profiled by the Riverside police department. I believe I was pulled over for speeding. I have seen the police reports and videos given to my attorney in this case, and I want people to know I was treated with courtesy and respect by the police. I regret speeding in Riverside and have driven through Riverside many times since Nov. 10 without a problem."

Dwayne Bowe’s attorney files motion to suppress evidence in marijuana case - | Read the original quotes from Bowe here

The nuts and bolts of pre-draft visits

Each team is: • Allowed a maximum of 30 visits with prospects at their facility before the NFL Draft. • Allowed to conduct interviews, physicals and written examinations. • Not allowed to conduct workouts – timed or untimed – in the form of drills.

The process behind pre-draft visits | Nice explainer from Herbie Teope over at Chiefs Spin.

Eating BBQ with Jeff Allen

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Allen was a stranger to the barbecue egg roll, and I'd never eaten one, either. When we agreed that it was time to try one, we headed to lunch at Smokey's on the Boulevard BBQ, the Overland Park storefront of father-and-son barbecue team Rob and Jason Harris.

Smokey's on the Boulevard BBQ wins a Chief with an unlikely dish | The Fast Pitch | The Pitch

Danieal Manning Visiting KC

Free Agent SS @ManningUp38: I'm heading to Cincinnati today and I will be meeting with Kansas City Thursday. #Bengals #Chiefs

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