Don't expect TE in the first round?

One position I don’t see the Chiefs drafting in the first round is tight end.

Q and A: Would Kansas City Chiefs draft Johnny Manziel? - ESPN I agree with this ... give Kelce at least one shot.

3 months later, Bowe says he wasn't being profiled

"I just wanted to clear up a few things regarding the Riverside incident," Bowe said in the statement. "I don’t believe I was racially profiled by the Riverside police department. I believe I was pulled over for speeding. I have seen the police reports and videos given to my attorney in this case, and I want people to know I was treated with courtesy and respect by the police. I regret speeding in Riverside and have driven through Riverside many times since Nov. 10 without a problem."

Dwayne Bowe’s attorney files motion to suppress evidence in marijuana case - | Read the original quotes from Bowe here

The nuts and bolts of pre-draft visits

Each team is: • Allowed a maximum of 30 visits with prospects at their facility before the NFL Draft. • Allowed to conduct interviews, physicals and written examinations. • Not allowed to conduct workouts – timed or untimed – in the form of drills.

The process behind pre-draft visits | Nice explainer from Herbie Teope over at Chiefs Spin.

Eating BBQ with Jeff Allen

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Jeff Allen was a stranger to the barbecue egg roll, and I'd never eaten one, either. When we agreed that it was time to try one, we headed to lunch at Smokey's on the Boulevard BBQ, the Overland Park storefront of father-and-son barbecue team Rob and Jason Harris.

Smokey's on the Boulevard BBQ wins a Chief with an unlikely dish | The Fast Pitch | The Pitch

Danieal Manning Visiting KC

Free Agent SS @ManningUp38: I'm heading to Cincinnati today and I will be meeting with Kansas City Thursday. #Bengals #Chiefs


Terez Paylor on the Chiefs and DeSean Jackson

Ian Rapoport of and Ed Werder of ESPN have both reported that the Chiefs are no longer pursuing the star receiver, but I have not been able to confirm that, and to be honest, I’m not 100 percent sold that’s the case.

Chiefs have ninth-best odds to land receiver DeSean Jackson -

Former scouting director on one of the top OTs

On Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan ... "He won't get to the Giants," Gabriel said. "The guy is a top 10 tackle. He's better than the guy who went first in the draft last year [Eric Fisher], so why is he gonna go below 10 in the draft this year? It's not gonna happen."

2014 NFL Draft: Greg Gabriel -- Giants can forget Lewan, Ebron - Big Blue View

Dorsey talks Peppers, team building, Andy Reid

"You empower the people around you, too. I think that’s important, and make sure that unique link between the personnel and the coaches, make sure everybody’s communicating, because communication is so big so everybody can be on the same page at the end of the day. To me, that’s one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned: patience, listening and communication."

Chiefs' Dorsey applauds Packers' signing of Peppers | Packersnews |

Everyone else is lying, man who is (probably) lying says

"Waiting to hear back from Denver, Weinberg e-mailed the 49ers with news Sanders won’t be making his flight as planned. He then responded to the Chiefs’ latest offer, which had been sent to him via e-mail. With his client overwhelmed, Weinberg told the Chiefs what he had been telling all the teams - he and Sanders would review their offers that evening. "The Chiefs replied about 10 minutes later; "No need to review it, Steve. Had you picked up your phone when we were calling, you would know that we have pulled the offer." "Weinberg was dumbfounded. After receiving a series of angry and threatening text messages, Weinberg realized that the Chiefs had obviously misinterpreted what was happening and jumped to unreasonable conclusions. They wrongfully assumed Weinberg was not picking up his phone because he was too busy calling other teams and "shopping" their "deal". This was most definitely not the case. "Reports all seem to criticize Weinberg for not honoring an oral agreement that did not exist; yet it was the Chiefs who actually pulled out of the deal — before Denver ever submitted their formal offer to Sanders.

Agent denies ever having verbal agreement with Chiefs for Emmanuel Sanders | National Football Post


Other teams interested in BJ Raji before he signed his deal with the #Packers? #Raiders and #Chiefs.

Ian Rapoport (RapSheet) on Twitter

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