Your 2013 QB Prospect Bowl Watching Guide

  1. Geno Smith vs Syracuse: Sat 12/29, 2:15 CST
  2. Matt Barkley vs GA Tech: Mon 12/31, 1:00 CST
  3. Landry Jones vs Texas A&M: Fri 1/4, 7:00 PM CST
  4. Tajh Boyd vs LSU: Mon 12/31, 6:30 PM CST
  5. Mike Glennon vs Vanderbilt: Mon 12/31, 11:00 AM CST

Let's Dance...Top Reasons for Celebration Dance List yours!

  1. Got outta bed
  2. Took a dump
  3. Fed the dog
  4. Took out the trash...wait thats what the Steelers did to the Chiefs
  5. Took a breath

What Chiefs' fans were wrong about

  1. The Chiefs will have a top 10 defense.
  2. The Chiefs play harder for Romeo Crennel.
  3. The Chiefs have a lot of depth all over the team.
  4. The different offensive coordinators and coaching staffs in KC were the reason why Cassel was terrible.
  5. The Chiefs will win their division (This is a soon to come thing)

Possible Roster Moves

  1. Tamba Hali -> Active
  2. Anthony Toribio -> IR
  3. Chris Carr, CB -> Active
  4. Tysyn Hartman -> Waivers -> Practice Squad
  5. Junior Hemingway -> cut

Just a little Humorous...

  1. I did not go to any practice or watch any videos, but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn once. and I have Homer-itis.
  2. Jamaal Charles has indeed worked out. First play of practice Both Powe and Poe were knocked off their tree trunks by a Charles smash. Payton H looks tiny to Charles.
  3. None of the QB's threw an interception the entire practice. Stanzi looked like the best QB that the Chiefs have ever had. No dropped passes, no poor decisions, no mistakes (in fact he looked like a young Brady or Manning). BUT HE IS NOT READY THIS YEAR!
  4. Brandon Flowers had 7 picks and Arenas had 2 (one would have been a td)
  5. Bowe came into practice with a Baldwin Jersey on. Nobody seemed to notice. After "Baldwin" got 5 TD's he jumped for Cassel ball that was at least 10 feet above his head. "baldwin" barely tipped it... then DROPPED it. Right then and there everyone knew it was actually Bowe. He ran off the field and jumped the fence.

Advice for first time Training Camp visit? Going on Family day with wife and two kids.

  1. Did I hear something about no cards accepted?
  2. Concessions? Are they good, cost, etc.
  3. Is the team store a good place to purchase things to sign?
  4. Do you get lots of signatures?
  5. Any other advice you can give a fellow Chiefs fan and dad.

Which team in this division won the Super Bowl?

  1. Team A: Missed playoffs by 1 game in prior season
  2. Team B: Tons of hype from recently acquired superstar QB that missed significant time
  3. Team C: Consistently underperforms despite overrated QB
  4. Team D: A mess due to a meddling owner, inflated contracts and terrible trades

Dexter McCluster attempts to get Tamba Hali on Twitter... @dextermccluster

  1. I think I got Tamba Hali convinced to get on twitter. Send this hashtag to show him #TweetTamba Rt this so he'll see the tag
  2. Send out your message for Tamba to join the twit world with hash tag #TweetTamba so he can see it and get on board! #AlrightAlright
  3. I jus sent Tamba da link with #tweettamba send him a message usin that tag so he gets on twitter. #chiefs fans get to it.
  4. That's a fake account. The real Tamba is on fence. #TweetTamba RT @RJonesing: I don't understand. @TambaHali is already on twitter.
  5. Naw u cool now cause DMC did RT @richieguy309: @dextermccluster and here I thought I was cool cuz @TambaHali rt'd me #TweetTamba
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