Chiefs vs. Steelers: Game week

Chiefs D, Week 3: Under pressure!


This week, KaloPhoenix loves the blitz, hates the short coverage, and gets surprised by the statistics against the Steelers.

3 things we learned from Chiefs-Steelers


Before we continue on with the NFL roster cuts this week, let's take a step back and review what we learned in the Kansas City Chiefs 26-20 OT victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night.

Chiefs-Steelers snap counts


The KC Chiefs starters players the first half in Saturday's OT victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers while the second teamers played most of the second half. Read on for snap counts from the game.

Asamoah, Moeaki highlight the postgame injuries


Before analyzing the results of the Kansas City Chiefs 26-20 OT victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, let's get the injury updates out of the way. Jon Asamoah and Tony Moeaki are the new names to...

Overtime! Chiefs beat Steelers, 26-20


The KC Chiefs prevailed in overtime over the Steelers in the third preseason game, 26-20. Chase Daniel found Rico Richardson for a TD in the extra period, moving KC's preseason record to 1-2.

Jamaal: 'About to get ready to play tonight'


So Jamaal Charles will play? That's what he indicated on Twitter.


That time the Chiefs beat the Steelers in OT

The Chiefs play the Steelers on Saturday night. Let's re-live the Chiefs 2009 overtime win over Pittsburgh.

Cowher and Reid: Not all that different


The two coaches share a similar history, both successful but always questioned.

Will Jamaal play?


We do not yet know the answer to the question of whether Jamaal Charles, who suffered a foot strain two weeks ago, will play in the third preseason game in Pittsburgh.


5 things to watch tonight


The Kansas City Chiefs have to play much better than they did against the San Francisco 49ers, including Alex Smith. KC plays Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

A brief history of KC and PIT


The Chiefs second-to-last playoff victory came against Pittsburgh. Read on for more facts about the Chiefs and Steelers history.

Remember me? Chiefs-Steelers connections


The Chiefs defense hope to contain Todd Haley and the Steelers offense in the Week 3 match-up.

Nuts and bolts for Chiefs vs. Steelers


The Chiefs play the Steelers on Saturday night. Read on for the nuts and bolts of the game, like how to watch it online and which channel it's on.

5 questions with the enemy


Neal Coolong of Behind The Steel Curtain, SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers blog, is here to help us answer five questions about the Chiefs-Steelers game. Read on for our Q&A about Saturday's game.


Welcome to Red Friday

Now watch Jamaal Charles return a kick for a TD against the Steelers.


Steelers vs. Chiefs: Concerns, yes, panic, no

In the end, it's just a preseason game. The Steelers gear up to take on the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday after two poor performances to start the fake schedule. All is not lost, though.

Which Steeler would you take right now?


The KC Chiefs play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third preseason game on Saturday night. Let's get to know the Steelers by taking one of them and putting them on the Chiefs.

Bell out vs Chiefs, maybe longer


Multiple reports affirm that Steelers' running back Le'Veon Bell will miss the preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Which Chiefs player would the Steelers want?

If we were to steal players from the Kansas City Chiefs, which ones would you want to put on the Steelers roster?

Stretch running with Jack Bicknell Jr.

The Steelers hired offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. this offseason. What can we learn by looking at some film of the Kansas City Chiefs, and what does it portend for the future of our...

Clark sees Chiefs game as chance to 'clean it up'

The Steelers have not played well, the starters in particular, through their first two preseason games. It isn't the end of the world, but Steelers safety Ryan Clark sees Saturday's game against...

A request for questions for Arrowhead Pride


Gathering questions to ask the fine staff at Arrowhead Pride, SB Nation's Kansas City Chiefs site.

Avery replaces Baldwin on depth chart


The Kansas City Chiefs first depth chart of the post-Jon Baldwin era has been released and as many predicted Donnie Avery has taken his spot opposite Dwayne Bowe at receiver.

Here's your Chiefs preseason schedule


The Kansas City Chiefs 2013 NFL preseason schedule has been released, which includes the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

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