The hot seat

Clark Hunt: 'I will begin the coaching search'


Pay attention to the fine print. In announcing Romeo Crennel's firing, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said he -- not GM Scott Pioli -- would begin the head coaching search.

Is it so bad if Pioli stays? A counterpoint

The Chiefs general manager has come under fire for good reason, but would replacing him provide the answer on the field?

Official: Romeo fired, Pioli stays (for now)


The Kansas City Chiefs made it official and in a team statement announced the dismissal of Romeo Crennel. Clark Hunt said there has been no determination made on the future of GM Scott Pioli.


How bad? The worst ever

The Kansas City Chiefs broke an all-time franchise record this season and that's not a good thing.

More reports: Romeo is done


The reports keep coming down regarding the Kansas City Chiefs future. According to the latest one from ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Chiefs will fire Romeo Crennel but GM Scott Pioli will stay for now.

Poll: Goodbye forever?


Is this it for Romeo Crennel? Is this the last time he will appear as the Chiefs head coach?

Peter King ends the Kirk Ferentz-to-KC rumor


Peter King confirms a number of other reports that Romeo Crennel is likely to be fired, reports that the Chiefs aren't sure what they'll do with GM Scott Pioli and that Iowa's Kirk Ferentz will not...

Another report: Pioli stays, Romeo goes


Yet another report is out stating Pioli will remain with the Chiefs, while Crennel is likely out.

'Leaning out'


ESPN runs down the list of GMs who are on the hot seat. Under Scott Pioli, they write "leaning out". Whatever that means.


Kirk Ferentz? It's about that time of year


For the third time in the last four years, Iowa's Kirk Ferentz has come up as a name to keep an eye on as the potential head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reports: Pioli could stay, big changes coming


Jason Cole of Yahoo! reports Scott Pioli likely to stay and Romeo Crennel is likely on his way out.

Interesting candidate


If Bruce Arians is a coaching candidate, and the Chiefs end up firing Romeo Crennel, should they be looking at Arians? I think they should be.

No one knows what he'll do


At the end of the season Clark Hunt will be tasked with deciding whether keep -- or to fire -- GM Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel. No one seems to have an idea of what he'll do.

Will they stay or will they go?


Black Monday is coming.

Do KC's Pro Bowlers affect Clark Hunt's decisions?


How much will Clark Hunt take the five Pro Bowlers into account when making his decision?

You can rule out Tony Dungy


Tony Dungy will not be the next head coach of the Chiefs

4 GMs in danger of losing their job


What to make of this?

My way or the highway


Colts fans give us the scoop on what it's like to have Bill Polian running your team.

Romeo: 'My future is week-to-week'


Crennel is asked about the report that he was on his way out.

Hindsight is 20/20


3+ years ago, Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel were good moves by the Chiefs.

Pioli and Crennel are still Chiefs, by the way


Conflicting reports!

Another Bill Polian rumor


Filed under "Things that make you go hmm."

4 years later: Are the Chiefs better off?


Four years ago, I never envisioned this being a question.

Miss me yet?


The Chiefs fired Haley one year ago (Wednesday).

We have a Chiefs GM rumor


Seems early for this, doesn't it?

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