Put all of Clay Wendler's stories in here.

Eric Fisher struggles against 49ers


Chiefs No. 1 pick Eric Fisher had a poor game against the 49ers.

Jon Baldwin is still open


Jon Baldwin only has 16 catches this year, but better QB play might help him.

GIF'd UP: Jeff Allen


Jeff Allen remains the Chiefs' worst offensive lineman in 2012.

GIF'D UP: Justin Houston wrecks everyone


Justin Houston destroys the pass protection of the Baltimore Ravens.


Big drama in the Big Easy

The latest video from Mr. Clay Wendler. A must-watch, as usual.


Did the refs blow another call in the Chiefs-Saints game?

I was going through the game last night and right at the end something struck me. I looked at it, looked at it again, and couldn't believe what I saw. It looks to me like the refs blew a ball spot...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Bills - Cassel Exposed

You may have noticed a complete lack of Matt Cassel GIFs in the offensive fail thread last night. That's because there's so much Cassel fail from the Buffalo game that it deserves it's own thread. ...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Bills - Failures of the offense

Everyone is talking about the defense this week, but it definitely needs to be pointed out that our offense had a large, large part in this loss. Heck, go and look at the game log. The defense...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs Offense Vs. Falcons And The Secret Weapon

Part 1: Chiefs Defense Vs. Falcons We all know what the Chiefs big-name playmakers did Sunday against the Falcons. It was pretty obvious. What wasn't obvious was...The Secret Weapon. Who is The...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs Defense Vs. Falcons

Using GIFs to review the Chiefs defense against the Falcons.


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Seahawks (Part 1)

19 of 34. 168 yards. One horrible interception returned for a touchdown, one fumble. Yep, Matt Cassel's performance last Friday doesn't look good on paper, and the Chiefs had a terrible offensive...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Rams (Part 2)

Yesterday we got a nice look at Dontari Poe's improvement in the second week of preseason. Tonight we'll take a light gander at the other side of the ball. We've got a little Jamaal Charles, a...


GIF'D UP: Dontari Poe vs Rams

So our defense pretty much got handled by the St. Louis Rams last Saturday, but there's something positive to focus on with Dontari Poe. Most notably, his pass rush. Poe played a lot against St....


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs. Cardinals (Part 2)

Make sure you check out the 'Mortified Punter' Region of the 2012 GIF tournament. Yesterday we took a look at some defensive GIFs. Today we'll look at some offensive stuff, including blocking,...


GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Cardinals (Part 1)

You've already seen a few GIFs from the Cardinals-Chiefs game but here are a few more that should entertain. I'll be doing these GIFposts all year so you can expect more like this down the road....

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