Chop Talk: Chiefs Video and Analysis From BJ Kissel

This multimedia section of Arrowhead Pride will have all of the videos, breakdowns, web shows and analysis from BJ Kissel.

The case for Dee Milliner


The Kansas City Chiefs have a need at cornerback opposite Brandon Flowers. Here's the case for the top cornerback in the upcoming NFL draft, Alabama's Dee Milliner.

The case for Alex Smith


With rumors circulating that the KC Chiefs are interested in trading for quarterback Alex Smith, it's time to get serious about what Smith might look like in Kansas City. Is he a fit? What are his...

The case for Nick Foles in KC


One of the many rumors we've heard over the last few weeks regarding the Chiefs QB situation is that Andy Reid could be interested in bringing over his third-round pick from last year, Nick Foles....


No.1 picks not named Geno or Joeckel

Here are three players that could be in-play for the Chiefs with the No. 1 pick that haven't been discussed as much as Geno Smith or Luke Joeckel.

Pick No. 34


The Kansas City Chiefs have a need at inside linebacker. Meet Arthur Brown, K-State linebacker. I swear I'm not biased to a fellow Wildcat!

My week in Mobile


After a week in Mobile, Alabama covering the 2013 Senior Bowl for SB Nation and Arrowhead Pride, BJ Kissel returns to Kansas City with his final thoughts on the week that was.

TE Nick Kasa at the Senior Bowl


The Chiefs spoke with Colorado TE Nick Kasa following Monday's practice in Mobile for the Senior Bowl.

Two fans, a bag of Cheetos and Andy Reid


I had a chance to talk with a couple of Kansas City Chiefs fans today who made the trip down from Missouri to watch the Senior Bowl practices. They also ran into Chiefs coach Andy Reid.


QB-less stock up, stock down report

BJ Kissel with a stock up, stock down report from Mobile at the Senior Bowl.


Stock up, stock down

BJ Kissel of Arrowhead Pride reports from on location in Mobile, Alabama, on the draft stock of two Senior Bowl quarterbacks.


South team: Day 2 at the Senior Bowl


A report on the South teams' Tuesday afternoon practice here in Mobile at the Senior Bowl.

North team: Day 2 at the Senior Bowl


Here's BJ's recap of Tuesday morning's practice for the North squad down in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

Meeting the QBs at the Senior Bowl


For Chiefs fans, the Senior Bowl is an opportunity to get to know the 2013 quarterback class. BJ Kissel is in Mobile, Alabama where he talked to three of the six quarterbacks in attendance. Will...

Recapping day one of Senior Bowl practice


A brief recap of Monday's practice.


5 major changes

Things have changed quite a bit in just a short amount of time for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Welcome, West Coast offense


A new sheriff in town means a new offense. Or something like that. The Chiefs are expected to move to Andy Reid's version of the West Coast offense. Let's take a step back and review a short...


The scheme doesn't matter

3-4? 4-3? It doesn't matter. The Chiefs will need to add at least two players either way.


VIDEO: 4 options at QB

Here are your four most-likely options at quarterback for the Chiefs next season.

The case for Tyler Wilson


The Chiefs are looking for a starting quarterback, you say? Look no further. Tyler Wilson from Arkansas can be that guy.

The free agent impact


The Chiefs officially introduced Andy Reid as the new head coach on Monday afternoon. Now it's time to go to work. The Chiefs have a few key free agents on which decisions will need to be made...


How bad? The worst ever

The Kansas City Chiefs broke an all-time franchise record this season and that's not a good thing.

Stock didn't change


Geno Smith's draft stock did not change based on his game against Syracuse.


Almost done

The miserable season is just about over Chiefs fans.

The case for Geno


I present my case for Geno Smith as the No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Don't get your hopes up


The 2012 QB class will make it difficult for next years' rookies to reach fans' expectations.

Why wait?


When is the best time to make a change at head coach or general manager for the Kansas City Chiefs?

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