Who has the best receivers

There have been many debates on fan posts on which team has the most talented receivers in the NFL, I want to put this discussion to a close. The main debate that I'm looking for is between Chicago and Green bay, I would rather not say what side I'm on. I have also included teams which in my opinion have a strong receiver corps. Feel free to comment and raise a debate, debates are my favorite part of these fan posts.

I would also like to know where you feel your team stands on other various subjects and will comment back to most posts.


First off, I think the better way to word this would be Who Has the Most Feared Receivers because best would assume that it is not an opinion and it is.

Second, I did not include any home team votes, I understand that the home team votes are mostly going to be bias and there would be some questionable numbers with receivers that fans around the league have no idea who there number one receiver is.

Third, The numbers may be a little miscued because I think folks were more inclined to vote between Chicago and Green Bay so those numbers may be a bit inflated, I think Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago would be a whole lot closer if this was not the case.

Last, I would like to thank everyone for voting. I had a pretty good turn out. I have 3403 total votes, I was able to count 2165 when subtracting home team votes and Other votes that I couldn't find an answer to. My top 5 voters are listed below, thank you for your cooperation

5. Raiders - 182

4. Bills - 209 Votes

3. Colts - 211 Votes

2. Chiefs - 224 Votes

1. Vikings - 254 Votes

The main four that were consistent on every poll is the Bears, Packers, Broncos, and Falcons. Any other team that makes this list is an accomplishment because someone pulled the teams receiving group from out of there head as the best in the league.

9T - Cardinals - 1 Vote

9T - Texans - 1 Vote

9T - Saints - 1 Vote

9T - Ravens - 1 Vote

9T - Dolphins - 1 Vote

9T - Buccaneers - 1 Vote

9T - Bengals - 1 Vote

7T - 49ers - 7 Votes

7T - Colts - 7 Votes

6 - Redskins - 8 Votes

5 - Lions - 9 Votes

4 - Packers - 173 Votes

3 - Falcons - 424 Votes

2 - Broncos - 553 Votes

1 - Bears - 977

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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