Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 6/30


Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Len Dawson Scholarship from The Mothership

The Len Dawson Scholarship has been awarding outstanding high school students partial scholarships for 36 years. Recently, Len Dawson met the student who will be receiving the scholarship, to present her with the award.

"This scholarship honors a person who has excelled in high school and excelled in more than just the books," Dawson explained. "It honors someone who is an outstanding person, student and leader. We've been very fortunate in constantly awarding outstanding candidates each year and this year, its such a privilege to honor Elizabeth."

It's Time To Size Up Cornerback Shuffle from ESPN

The Chiefs have a lot of unknowns. Head coach Andy Reid made upgrading the cornerback position a priority last year by signing 6-3 Sean Smith and veteran Dunta Robinson. Robinson didn't play much and was released this offseason. Opponents completed only 56.5 percent of their passes against the Chiefs' nickel, which is helped by a great pass rush. Now, the Chiefs are going with Smith, Marcus Cooper and Ron Parker. The 6-1 Cooper filled in for Robinson as the third corner but his performance faded during the season. He gave up 800 yards receiving and was targeted 86 times. As a starter, he will be targeted even more.

Catapano Finds Motivation In Chiefs' Playoff Collapse from ProFootballTalk

Defensive end Mike Catapano, a seventh-round pick in 2013, participated in only two snaps.  As he watched a 28-point lead disintegrate, he vowed that he wouldn't be a bystander in 2014.

"I remember sitting there and watching, thinking I'm never going to be sitting and watching ever again," Catapano said, via John Cordes of the Associated Press.  "I wanted to be out there hunting."

With Lynn Swan As Pitchman, NFL Seek Support Of 40-Year-Old Blackout Rule from KC Star via The Merced Sun-Star

The NFL will say that full stadiums are good for the local economy, but when it gets bad enough for blackouts to be threatened, those last-minute tickets aren't being sold to out-of-towners filling up hotel rooms and restaurants.

The NFL also talks about half-empty stadiums providing a lesser viewing experience, but that has nothing to do with blackouts. The Kansas City Chiefs' last blackout was in 2009, but during that 2-14 disaster in 2012 they played in front of depressingly sparse crowds at Arrowhead Stadium. The blackout did nothing to fill Arrowhead or improve the experience last year. Firing the general manager and improving the team did that.

Who Are The NFL's Top 20 Players? from The Indianapolis Star

16. RB Jamaal Charles (Chiefs) - Never gets caught from behind. And his production never wanes even though he's the only home-run threat Kansas City has.

Joe Montana On Harbaugh, Brady/Manning And Dynasties from Niners Nation

On another topic, Montana was asked about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's careers winding down. Asked what advice he'd give the two veterans, Montana said they should play as long as they can. He recalled the season following his last at the helm of the Kansas City Chiefs, and how he asked himself "What am I doing?"

"It's like quitting cold turkey," Montana opined. That you can't relive that excitement in anything else you do. In fact, he went as far as to say that he wishes everyone could experience playing football on a Sunday just one time, so that we could all understand how exhilarating it is.

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