John Dorsey and Andy Reid have really turned over the Kansas City Chiefs roster


How many players remain from the Kansas City Chiefs previous regimes?

As Andy Reid and John Dorsey enter year two in their rebuild of the Kansas City Chiefs, an interesting number to remember is 16. As in the number of players that are left over from the regimes before them. As of this moment the Chiefs roster stands at 88 players, which means Dorsey and Reid have brought in 72 NEW players to the Chiefs roster.

There are 10 players remaining from the Scott Pioli era while six remain from the Carl Peterson era for a total of 16 non-Dorsey and Reid players.

Many of the players left behind are stars or on the verge of being stars. From the Pioli tree, Dontari Poe, Justin Houston and Eric Berry can all claim they're among the best at their position (oh man, this is going to turn into an Eric Berry argument, isn't it?). From King Carl, the Chiefs have Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Dustin Colquitt which is ... not too shabby.

Here's the full list (H/T to Redditor kloiberin_time)

Scott Pioli

2012 class: Dontari Poe (1), Jeff Allen (2) Donald Stephenson (3), Cyrus Gray (6), Junior Hemingway (7)

2011 class: Rodney Hudson (2), Justin Houston (3), Allen Bailey (3)

2010 class: Eric Berry (1)

2009 class: Ryan Succop (7)

Carl Peterson

2008 class: Jamaal Charles (3)

2007 class: Dwayne Bowe (1), Thomas Gafford (UDFA)

2006 class: Tamba Hali (1)

2005 class: Derrick Johnson (1), Dustin Colquitt (3)

If you stick around for that long, you're probably going to be a good player, which is what we see with this list. Outside of Cyrus Gray, every player on that list is pushing for a starting job or an established starter. Or they're a total superstar and make Chiefs fans very, very happy (looking' at you Jamaal and DJ).

An optimistic look at the Chiefs 2013 draft class would say there are four to five contributors this season. First overall pick Eric Fisher is expected to be a starter while Knile Davis and Mike Catapano are both expected to see snaps in a reserve role. Travis Kelce and Sanders Commings should be contributing this year but both missed 2013 with injuries so they're unknowns. If Kelce and Commings pan out, the Chiefs 2013 class doesn't look so bad. If they don't, it looks like a really weak draft class.

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