Is there an Aaron Rodgers for the Chiefs at No. 23? Probably not

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Drafting a quarterback would be a polarizing move, and one that will have ramifications for years.

Talk of the Kansas City Chiefs drafting a quarterback with the 23rd overall pick has been heating up recently. Discussion has been rampant on the topic of whether Alex Smith will be a long-term answer, since the former No. 1 overall pick has just one year remaining on his current deal.

Names such as Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater have been tossed around for Kansas City as a potential blockbuster selection to usher in a new era following the 2014 season. It could be the start of a glorious stretch of dominance for Kansas City, something long overdue.

Yet, it might be the biggest mistake the team has made since Matt Cassel.

Drafting a quarterback in the first round all but kicks Smith out the door after this season. Sure, the team could use the franchise tag and trade him next offseason, a likely option in this specific scenario, to recoup picks. Even so, the Chiefs would be moving forward with a fresh-faced kid who has no experience to lead a team ready to win now.

Smith has plenty of experience, and he is good enough to get the job done. The former University of Utah star was a couple of Kyle Williams fumbles from a Super Bowl appearance once, and a complete defensive meltdown away from winning a playoff game in Kansas City, something not done since 1993.

We can debate all day and night whether Smith is elite. What can't be debated is he fits Andy Reid's system, he plays smart, and he wins. Jettisoning Smith for a kid is a bad move, especially after giving up a pair of second round picks.

The notion that Bridgewater, or any other player is a can't-miss, is idiotic. Bridgewater has flaws like any player and might turn into a complete bust. For all we know, the Louisville product could turn into another Byron Leftwich, or Patrick Ramsey, or J.P. Losman, etc.

If that happens, you have given up a proven quarterback for a bust who will suck years of competitiveness from the Chiefs. It seems all too often that fans only think of the positive side of things. Sometimes, it has to be considered what the downside is as well.

For every Aaron Rodgers, there is Brady Quinn.

This team has a boatload of talent and is coming off an 11-5 season. Despite the popular rhetoric that many key players were lost, Kansas City appears primed to make another playoff run from where this guy sits. The smart money says take a player who can be an additional piece to the puzzle, not one who blows up what you have already put together in hopes of something better.

For every Aaron Rodgers, there is Brady Quinn.

For years, this franchise has been searching for stability at the quarterback spot. Finally, the Chiefs have attained that important goal and people are looking for more. Often, the grass is not greener on the other side.

Smith is capable of winning a Super Bowl. Sign him, and get him some help.

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