Things that will happen for sure......probably

1. The Chiefs will beat Tom Brady under the lights on Monday Night Football
Never has there been a more beatable "juggernaut" than the New England Patriots who out coach and out execute their opponents to a division title almost every year. Playing at night in Arrowhead is like playing a big road game in the SEC. It's loud....real load. Pete Townshend loud.



Brady tends to get frustrated at times a-la Philip Rivers. The Chiefs with any luck will be healthy and will be bringing the heat. This will be one of those nights. Mark it down. I just feel like its going to happen.

2. The Chiefs will split with San Diego but not the way you think

The Chargers are just a tough out for the Chiefs. No one knows why, they just are. This year the Chiefs come off the bye and do the impossible: Win at San Diego. Andy Reid is great coming off the bye and this is a Chiefs team that knows how to play on the road. Later on though....



with a potential trip to the playoffs on the line the Chiefs will lose to Philip Rivers at home. Arrowhead has frustrated him in the past (see above) but he has broken a few hearts in Kansas City as well. It sets the table in a seemingly perfect way. A division rival who I think could underwhelm a little this season, coming to town in a game you should win. This time, like the time we couldn't bring Tyrone Wheatley will cost us.

3. The Seahawks lose in K.C.

Ya, ya I know...say what you want but the Chiefs will have strung a few wins together if my plan comes to fruition in San Diego. At Buffalo is a coin toss game so its hard to say. Remember that stat they always used to show on CBS about the Chiefs at home vs. NFC opponents? Neutralizing great players like Randall Cunningham and Mike Vick. Frustrating 90's powerhouses like the 49ers.....ah the memories..

. Images-3_zpsda90d6c2_medium


The Seahawks are very good. Good enough to win a Super Bowl with a quarterback thats still learning the game. But that ghost of Arrowhead shows up again and Russell Wilson is going to struggle. Chiefs win a tight one.

4. Laugh all you want: The Raiders steal one from the Chiefs

Don't ask me which game I don't know. One thing I do know is this: When Joe Average beer swilling fantasy football guy thinks a player is washed up, he's almost always wrong. Usually, us forum geeks are too. Those jokes you've been lobbing at your Raiders friend? Anyone who saw Jamarcus Russell leave KC victorious knows to keep their mouth shut. Matt Schaub didn't just wake up one day and forget how to play quarterback. From 2008 to 2012 his QB ratings were 92.7, 98.6, 92.0, 96.8, and 90.7 with almost 120 touchdowns. That doesn't happen on accident. What does happen in the NFL is that coaching, scheming, and strategy get stale and predictable, teams lose their edge and identity. Players lose confidence. No one can dispute the Texans were mentally off last year. Schaub was the worst and he was pressing. The Raiders have built their rosters with castaways like this with a chip on their shoulder for years. (Remember Rich Gannon?) Ask Kurt Warner, Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes, Randy Moss, etc. what a change of scenery did for their careers.

. Images-4_zps3e5081c8_medium


Now don't confuse this with my suggesting the Raiders are a really good team. They are not yet but Schaub can still play. Pray the world doesn't realize it on either of those two weeks.

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