My Chiefs Draft That You're Probably Gonna Make Fun Of...


Rd 1, Pick 23: Kony Ealy DE/OLB Mizzou

Height/Weight: 6-4 / 273 lbs.

STRENGTHS: Ealy's athleticism jumps off the tape. Operating mostly at RDE for the Tigers, Ealy shows good initial quickness off the snap to force right tackles into respecting his speed rush, but saw time all over the defensive line and even as a stand-up linebacker. He has a quick spin move back to the inside to complement his speed and has developing pass-rush technique, including an over-arm swim and a power slap. Perhaps best of all, Ealy possesses the flexibility to turn the corner efficiently and closes quickly, demonstrating the ability to rip the ball free from the quarterback with a powerful chop or with an explosive collision. Impressive straight-line acceleration for a man of his size. Good recognition to get his hands into passing lanes when he can't get to the quarterback. Times his leap well and long arms and good hand-eye coordination. Undeniable upside.

WEAKNESSES: Ealy is prone to coming off the snap too high, making himself vulnerable to cut blocks and is a more effective pass rusher than run defender, at this time. While possessing the burst and balance to attack off the edge out of the two-point stance, Ealy looks uncomfortable dropping back into coverage and offers minimal experience in this area. Has been surrounded by a lot of talent at Missouri and may struggle early in the NFL if expected to be the star... -- Rob Rang

MY THOUGHTS: Tamba is old and injuries are now a problem. Why not draft his replacement so he can teach him the way now! And until he takes over we have quality depth.

Rd 3, Pick 87: Tre Mason RB Auburn

Height/Weight: 5-9 / 207 lbs.

POSITIVES: Possesses a high-cut frame and a powerful lower body. Unlike many "smallish" backs, the compactly-built Mason doesn't waste a lot of time dancing behind the line of scrimmage. Quick feet. He's a decisive, one-cut runner who attacks the hole, whether it comes as a running back or as a returner. He shows vision in setting up blocks while on the move rather than attempting to make defenders miss with agility.

NEGATIVES: Shorter than ideal. Enough juice to go the distance but is a one-speed runner who lacks an elite second gear to pull away. Has shown good hands as a return man, but not used prominently as a receiver in Auburn's scheme. Durability may be a concern considering his physical running style and "smallish" stature.

MY THOUGHTS: Who wouldnt love this? JC/Kniles/Mason?? Plus he could replace DMC at return man this year.

Rd 4, Pick 124: Mike Davis WR Texas

Height/Weight: 6-0 / 197 lbs.

STRENGTHS: Good-sized athlete with long arms and big hands. Good vertical speed and acceleration to gain a step and beat defenses deep. Quick off the line of scrimmage to beat press and uses hesitation in his routes to get behind the secondary. Tracks the deep ball very well and locates quickly to finish over his shoulder. Large catching radius and uses his length to extend and pluck the ball away from his frame. Natural body control to adjust his frame. Easy acceleration in his routes and has shown steady improvement in his patterns. Uses his extension well as a perimeter blocker and is very competitive in this area. Consistent production in his four years at college, leaving Austin fourth in school history in catches (200) and receiving yards (2,753).

WEAKNESSES: Leggy and tight and more of a straight-line type of athlete. Has some body stiffness. Takes a few steps to get up to full speed when fighting off contact and after gearing down. Needs to develop his route tree and prove to be more proficient on more than just vertical patterns. Struggles to deceive defenders on non-go routes. Not the most natural hands catcher and will have his share of drops. Only average after the catch and lacks the shifty moves or change of direction to make defenders miss. Alligator arms in traffic and needs to play without fear. Questionable mental toughness and appears to get down on himself easily. Sense of entitlement with concerns that he will never be a grinder to reach his full potential.

MY THOUGHTS: "Good vertical speed and acceleration to gain a step and beat defenses deep.Quick off the line of scrimmage to beat press and uses hesitation in his routes to get behind the secondary." Need I say more? The competition we have for WR could help him reach his potential w/o too much pressure

Rd 5, Pick 163: Ross Cockrell CB Duke

Height/Weight: 6-0 / 191 lbs

STRENGTHS: Cockrell is much more physical than he looks. He has a lean, wiry build but doesn't shy from getting physical at the line of scrimmage, wasting little time in pursuit or attacking blocks. He is a bit of an agitator in coverage, frequently tugging to impede receivers without fully extending to draw the flag. His awareness is an asset as Cockrell locates the ball and shows burst to close. Characterized as a coach on the field. He possesses quick hands and good timing to rip at the ball as it arrives, as indicated by the number of passes he's broken up (53) and intercepted (12) over his career. Intercepted a pass in the final moments of the East-West Shrine Game to seal the victory.

WEAKNESSES: At his best in zone coverage when he can break downhill on the ball, as Cockrell does not possess ideal fluidity or straight-line speed. Further, Cockrell is a bit all or nothing when it comes to run support. He reads the action quickly and is decisive in the angles he takes towards the ball, which leads him to be too easily blocked out of the action when ball-carries see him coming. Too often lunges as a tackler and finds himself on the ground.

MY THOUGHTS: 6 foot, aggressive with quick hands and able to locate the ball. This year's Cooper?

Rd 6, Pick 197: Christian Bryant FS Ohio State

Height/Weight: 5-9 / 198 lbs.

STRENGTHS: Rangy athlete to cover a large area with easy movements, playing low with natural bend and flexibility. Closes fast with bad intentions, aggressively throwing his body around.

Quick eyes and first step to arrive at the ball in a hurry. See-ball, get-ball type who tracks well and shows no hesitancy in his game. Good feet and coverage discipline in space to stay under control and alert in man or zone.

Plays with a chip as if he's always out to prove something. Feisty, competitive demeanor. Engaging leadership traits and carries himself with a positive attitude. Above average locker room presence...good starting experience (27 career starts) with extensive reps on special teams coverage and experience at cornerback, strong safety and nickelback.

WEAKNESSES: Tick undersized with below average height/length and limited room to get much bigger or stronger. Needs to consistently break down and wrap instead of throwing his shoulder. Often tries wrestling the ballcarrier to the ground, allowing him to pick up a few extra yards.

Needs to improve his body control in coverage to properly turn his head, locate and make an athletic play. Too often allows himself to get turned around and have coverage lapses. Lacks experience near the line of scrimmage and was used primarily in the deep half of the field.

Strong durability concerns with a laundry list of injuries that forced him to miss playing time, including a foot infection (2010), shoulder injury (2011) and a broken left ankle (Oct. 2013) that ended his college career.

MY THOUGHTS: Can cover the back of the field and goes after it. Opposite of what we saw from Lewis last year.

Rd 6, Pick 200
: Alden Darby SS Arizona State

Height/Weight: 5-10 / 194 lbs

MY THOUGHTS: Couldnt find a full bio. But the kid can cover, if you watched the East/West Shrine Game you saw him get 2 INT's, All Pac-12 first team, had 2 INT's a FF and FR against USC last season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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