The Four Scenarios



Zack Martin is a Tackle for the Irish, But he could play any Offensive line position if needed. We need versatility.

Martin lined up at both guard and tackle at the Senior Bowl and routinely stymied the competition with quickness, power and overall technique. Though Martin lacks the prototypical size of a modern NFL tackle, he has exhibited impressive technique and better-than-average strength, and after a strong Senior Bowl showing, many scouts believe he could not only play on the outside at the next level, but could do so very well. He's instinctive, tough and technically sound despite lacking elite athleticism, and his biggest appeal to NFL scouts may be his versatility as many believe he could step in and succeed either at tackle or guard, as a pro.

This Scenario is the Kansas City Chiefs feel the Offensive line is still a concern. Whether it be Tackle or Guard or Center... Zack Martin would be a 1st round answer for any of them. We get our Swing tackle back and we have our depth on the interior line positions.




Jace Amaro, a WR or a TE? Who is the next Slot WR for the Kansas City Chiefs? We had Dexter McCluster and possibly we go huge with a 6'6 WR/TE. The Chiefs are definitely old school with a Fullback and double TE sets. This is a Hybrid TE hard to pass up with pick #23. We also need WR's. He is not the take the top of the secondary threat, more like we stick the knife in deep in the mid-range with him and Travis Kelce. We have 5 more picks for a deep home-run WR.

One of the highest-rated high school recruits to enroll in Lubbock, the junior displayed flashes for two years before enjoying a breakout season in 2013. Amaro emerged as the focal point of the Tech offense in 2013, recording six 100-yard games en route to finishing the season with 1,352 receiving yards, the second-highest single-season total in program history behind wide receiver Michael Crabtree's 1,962 in 2007. The yardage mark also broke James Casey's (Rice, 2008) single-season NCAA mark for a tight end of 1,329.Based on physical talent, Amaro has all the makings of potential first round pick.




What is Ryan Shazier? Big and fast and seemingly a man without a role in the NFL. Except, many NFL teams are looking for his type of talent for their Scheme. An Inside/Outside Linebacker than can cover, fast enough for the flats, has the ability to Blitz the passer from the interior. Possibly the only 2014 available player to put Chiefs Eric Berry at SS off the Line of Scrimmage :)

A high school defensive end, Shazier was recruited at linebacker and had scholarship offers from Alabama, Florida and LSU, but decided to go north and committed to Ohio State. He steadily earned more playing time as a true freshman, eventually starting the final three games. Shazier tallied back-to-back seasons with 115-plus tackles as a sophomore and junior, combining for 44.5 tackles for loss over his career and earning multiple All-Big Ten honors. He played inside and outside in Columbus and has the versatile skill-set to fill various roles. He was loved by the Buckeyes coaching staff because of his team-first approach. Shazier has instant acceleration and explosive closing burst, using outstanding edge speed and timing to disrupt the pocket. He lacks natural power to disengage blocks and needs to develop his discipline, but Shazier is a scheme diverse player who projects as a three-down weak-side linebacker in a 4-3 or as an edge rusher in a 3-4 base.




Dominique Easley. The 3-tech Defensive End that Bob Sutton needs to crush pockets. Two torn non-contact ACL's repaired and he will be faster and more disruptive than ever:)

What do you want the teams to know about you?

Easley: "Just that I have a passion and a love for the game, just my personality and who I am as a person. I'm someone they can definitely count on. A lot of people have a whole lot of talent where I'm from, but a lot of them don't make it out. I'm trying to show people there is a way, but you have to work hard."

You were initially projected as a high first-round draft pick if not for the knee injury. Have you thought much about where you'll go in the draft?

Easley: "Not really. I could care less about that. I just want to work hard for myself. I've got a certain work ethic and I expect certain things from myself."


At 6020 - 288 Easley lacks ideal defensive tackle size, but he is a very good athlete with strength and explosion. He is extremely quick off the ball and is consistently able to get penetration and be disruptive versus the run game. While he gets that quick penetration, he doesn't always find the ball. There have been times when he has gotten into the back field, forced the back to make a cut yet doesn't make the play because he doesn't see the back. He needs to show more awareness.
With his speed and quickness he is an excellent pursuit player. He shows consistent hustle, has speed and takes good angles. With his quickness he is also very effective versus the outside run. As a pass rusher he gets off the ball quickly and can use his hands. He has the quick feet and change of direction to make a counter move and shows a top burst off a block to the quarterback. Despite his lack of great size, he is a productive bull rusher. He can stay low and has the explosive snap in his hips to generate power and push his opponent back. He is a consistent and aggressive tackler.

Hustle, Loves the game, and gets off on the snap. A dream Defensive tackle to pair with Dontarie Poe. The Chiefs have the edge rushers and if we can get the QB to move in the pocket due to an interior Rush....

So Four players and Four Scenarios

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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