Too Many Weapons? Looking at Chiefs Offensive Personnel Groupings in 2014

We are alike, you and I. We're both at work, being doubly frustrated because working on Friday is a drag--but mostly because it's not Chiefs season! We guzzle down anything football-related, but anything Chiefs-centric is especially delicious to our parched, deprived brain tissues.

But there's a difference between us. You see, I am an intern, and my bosses are too busy to give me anything to do. I have consequently had a lot of time to think about the Chiefs, and especially about the offensive players on the roster. Some of the positions are locks--nobody is going to take Jamaal Charles' spot, and Alex Smith seems to be the best bet at quarterback (although I'm unreservedly on board the Aaron Murray train). Many of the other offensive skill positions, though, are still up for grabs. Dwayne Bowe, being a proven veteran despite his shortcomings in 2013, is the closest thing to a cinch. Plus, with a contract like his, a player had better be on the field as often as possible. No, I'm not saying Dwayne should learn how to kick and punt. But I'm not saying he shouldn't, either.

Anyway, I'm excited about the players we have at the different offensive skill positions. Bear with me right now; the juicy stuff comes later. My breakdown on some of the wide receivers who I see getting playing time in 2014:

Dwayne Bowe--closest thing we have to a #1 receiver. I think he'll have a bounce-back season in 2014.

Donnie Avery--speed kills the other team, but dropped balls kill us. If he can develop consistency, he will be a nice weapon for stretching the field.

Junior Hemmingway--I actually like seeing him in the slot. These mini-tight end receivers with sure hands and power after the catch are nice to have, even if they aren't gaudy.

Weston Dressler--call me overly optimistic, but he reminds me of Wayne Chrebet. Not the biggest or fastest guy, but sure handed and knows his game well. He also seems to be able to play on the outside somewhat.

Albert Wilson--despite playing on a horrid college team, Wilson looks like a total baller. Steve Smith comparisons abound, and I think Wilson is a very versatile player. Despite his short stature, he played on the outside a lot at Georgia State.

Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis are known quantities at running back, as is Anthony Sherman at fullback. Charles and Sherman are the best players at their position (Andy, run the ball please. Don't let this go to waste), and Knile has shown some flashes of potential that could definitely be improved. However, there are some new names to consider as well:

De'Anthony Thomas--another versatile player, Thomas will probably spend most of his time fielding punts for Dave Toub. However, he can play in the slot as well as doing some nice things out of the backfield.

Charcandrick West--Charmander has yet to evolve for us, or even level up, but his college tape looks great. He's a classic running back with more than a little speed and vision.

James Baker--Andy Reid loves speed. If he can get a little size and power to go with it, that's just a bonus. Despite coming from a miserable football program (sorry, Idaho!), Baker brings all three to the table.

The tight end depth chart is nebulous to say the least. Anthony Fasano and Sean McGrath, Whisker-Lord and Beardkeeper Extraordinaire, aren't really expected to do much more than they did last year. Travis Kelce, if his injury allows him to play (please, Tony G, please lift the curse), will be a nice addition in both receiving and blocking. Demetrius Harris has also started to shine in OTAs--for all that's worth. If Harris can continue to ball and puts his new 25~ lbs to work, he could definitely contend for the TE1 spot.

Here Come the Interesting Bits

I fired up Paint, as I am wont to do, and drew up some formations that Andy might employ in the coming season. The versatility of the Chiefs offensive players, as well as the athleticism of the offensive line (athletic is another word for undersized when you're talking about the fatties) screams one thing: pistol option offense! The Chiefs started implementing some pistol option looks last year, but their personnel didn't quite fit. Now, it would seem that Andy has all the weapons he needs to make defensive coordinators spend some sleepless nights planning to contain the Chiefs offense. In these pictures, I used the players' current/camp numbers.


SE = Split End

TE = Tight End

FL = Flanker

SR = Slot Receiver

FE = Flexed End

FB/RB/HB/TB = Appropriate Running Back

WB = Wing Back

QB = Self-Explanatory

Flex Right Pistol Split


Full House Pistol (NN, I did this for you!)


Open Right Wing Pistol


Trips Left Pistol


Twins Left Wing Pistol


Wing Spread Right Pistol


These formations show how Andy Reid can get as many of his weapons on the field at a time as possible. I hope you enjoyed yet another of my geeky football posts, and if you have any questions/comments, or want to show off your own chops, I'll see you in the comments!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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