NFL Draft 2014: Teddy Bridgewater's fate to be decided

Andy Lyons

If Bridgewater is available to the Chiefs on May 8, just know it is going to end horribly for all of us.

The Kansas City Chiefs should pray for Teddy Bridgewater to be drafted somewhere in the first 22 selections.

Bridgewater, an elite talent out of the University of Louisville, would give Kansas City's front office a major dilemma if he is still on the board when the Chiefs are announced on the clock. The Chiefs already have a very good, fairly young quarterback in Alex Smith who got better as he learned Andy Reid's system last year.

On the other hand, he is only signed for one more season, and the team has to pick who to pay when it comes to the future. Let Smith walk, perhaps keep both Justin Houston and Eric Berry. On the surface, it could be a Godsend for Kansas City to see Bridgewater sitting at a table in Radio City Music Hall.

Only on the surface.

We all know the history of this franchise. The Chiefs have swung and missed so many times you would think they are Jeff Francoeur. Kansas City has not swung recently for a quarterback in the first round, doing so last in 1983 when it selected Todd Blackledge out of Penn State ... while Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were available. Hell, Ken O'Brien was still there.

If the Chiefs draft Bridgewater, he is destined to fulfill all the dreams of the naysayers. He will somehow became a massive bust. He will replace Alex Smith and immediately become injury-prone, or uninspiring, or simply terrible. Bridgewater will be another victim of what the Chiefs like to call, their way. We've seen this story before.

Of course, if Kansas City passes on Bridgewater to take a receiver, or safety, or something of that ilk, he will become a Hall of Fame quarterback. He will go on to shatter NFL records, throw for 45 touchdowns in his rookie season, and probably playing for the Broncos somehow. John Elway will probably pick him up because he saw something in a dream - or some nonsense like that.

If I am Teddy Bridgewater, I'm furiously praying the Chiefs draft anybody else. Please, just not me.

Of course, most of these words are just for laughs. Bridgewater could be picked by Kansas City, become great, and make everybody forget Brodie Croyle, Blackledge, Steve Fuller, and the rest of the gang. Then again, he could be the next name on that who's who of trash.

For the sake of everybody involved, I hope the football gods allow Bridgewater to go in the first 22 picks. Spare us, and him, the pain.

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