What acqusistion do you like the best?

As with any draft some fans are going to love a particular pick while others are throwing their beer cans through the television as the pick is being made. Although we did not acquire the wide reciever that many believed was a top need, the draft did address many other issues. With that in mind which draft pick do you believe was the best value? Which pick do you believe will contribute the most in the 2014 season? Do you feel any of the picks are a bust? Once again here is a quick summary of the draft and each player.

1.) Dee Ford OLB Auburn

Self proclaimed best pass rusher in the draft. Could see some time in the nickel or other packages. May end up being Tamba Hali's replacement with the salary cap issues.

2.) Alex Smith QB 49er's

Some love others hate him. Is he the QOTF? Alex is already trying to work out a new contract. Reports it is somewhere between 14 mil. and 17 mil. Hopefully it will be both team friendly and something Alex can live with. All I can say about Alex is he has proven over and over that he knows how to win.

3.) Phillip Gaines CB Rice

Phillip is a big CB, which Reid and Dorsey tend to like. Phillip knows how to get physical with press coverage. He will compete for the starting position and give the team much needed depth at the CB position

4.) De'Anthony Thomas (DAT) RB Oregon.

With the loss of Dexter McCluster a replacement was needed. DAT is just that. Although rather small at 5'8" and 174 lbs. He could turn out to be McCoy 2.0. He most likely will also be filling the role of Punt and kick returner as well.

5.) Aaron Murray QB Georgia

This was a bit of a suprise. Aaron is an accomplished QB. He is coming off an ACL tear. Size is a bit of a concern, but did not hinder him in the college ranks. Most likely will be a back up to Alex Smith this year. The progress of Tyler Bray and Alex Smith's contract or lack of, will be a major factor in Aaron's future with the Chief's.

6.A) Zach Fulton G Tennessee

Many think Zach will be a back up to Rishaw Johnson. Zach's size is a plus and some think the Fulton was overlooked because Tennesse had three other offensive linemen picked in the draft. Zach has the potential to suprise us all and win the starting guard position. Most likely he will provide the much needed depth for the guard position.

6.B) Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff OT McGill

Some thing he will develope into the Chief's swing tackle. With Reid and Dorsey's tendency to move offensive tackles to the guard position and Reid's philosphy of playing the best 5 on the O-line this is a possibility. With Laurents size the most likely position will be swing tackle.

Whats your opinion on who was the best value in the draft?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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