Post-Draft Musings: The Chiefs Did Very Well

Dee Ford

Watch this highlight collection:

Here's what I saw:

It doesn't seem like a good thing when the first 27 seconds don't have any highlights at all.

That being said:

  • Snap anticipation was extremely good
  • Good motor, doesn't seem to quit on the play
  • Flip side of this, however, is that many of his tackles, sacks, and pressures were created by someone else bringing pressure and flushing the QB toward him
  • Extremely strong grip; he pulled the QB down with his hands several times
  • Excellent pursuit fundamentals; not even Manziel can juke him
  • Shows an ability to split double-teams

With his ability to home in on the ballcarrier and not get juked, along with his speed and tackling fundamentals, he should be able to learn to play in coverage and eventually be an every-down player. With the other pass rushers on the field (including Houston, who is able to cover and play the run), this will make it easier for Sutton to disguise where the heat is coming from. Ford seems to have the potential to provide the same motor and pressure as Hali, but be a more complete player than Hali ever was.

De'Anthony Thomas

Based on this highlight collection:

Here's what I saw:

  • Rare speed. Seemed to be the fastest player on the field almost all the time
  • He hits tacklers with authority, probably due to his speed being greater at the moment of impact
  • His acceleration allows him to split defenders who originally seemed to have the angle
  • He always falls forward
  • He rarely takes a big hit (again, probably due to his speed)
  • He seems to make very difficult catches, even those that come at difficult angles (over the shoulder)

If it isn't obvious already, I am not a professional scout. However, I don't see why DAT wasn't taken much earlier, and I don't buy that he is a tweener or the replacement for McCluster, or even destined to be the Chiefs' version of Wes Welker. He's got rare football field speed (faster than his 40-yd dash times, from what I can tell) and is tough, elusive, and has rare vision. He finds the end zone when other people wouldn't.

Yes, the NFL is faster than college. Yes, he was benefiting from Chip Kelly's offensive system. I still think his skills will translate to the NFL better than anyone thinks.

He's not going to be the featured back, simply because of the talent and experience ahead of him. But he is a weapon, and he will be used. He should be a more effective, updated version of Dante Hall, with more utility as a RB, and better route running as a WR.

Phillip Gaines

This is just his pass break-ups from one season...I haven't seen a more complete highlight reel, however.

I saw somewhere that Phillip Gaines can play some safety. Some of the hits and downfield coverage in the highlight footage seem to confirm that.

However, consider who else the Chiefs have:

Eric Berry, who can also cover like a CB. Ron Parker, a CB who played some Safety, if I recall correctly. Sanders Commings, who was a safety but was expected to play some CB for the Chiefs.

Flowers is an excellent tackler. Cooper and Smith are taller than most CBs, and can tackle well enough to play safety, as well.

Which means that the Chiefs seem to be getting to the point where they can blur the lines of their secondary, where any player can cover a good WR, where any player can cover a strong/tall TE, where any player can play deep or come up in run support.

That should help Sutton disguise coverages.

Not sure if it will, or even can, slow down Manning. But if it forces him to take more time to make his reads, if it causes him to hesitate at all, then the pass rushers should be able to force some blown coverages and get through to the QB.

I think we had an excellent draft, and the team is going to contend for the AFC West crown.

(Side note: I didn't like the Nico Johnson pick last year. Did I call it or what?)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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