Derrick Johnson talks about Chiefs rookie Dee Ford

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs star linebacker talks to 610 Sports and says he's never surprised by what happens in the Draft.

Derrick Johnson recently appeared on 610 Sports to talk with Bob Fescoe about a few topics, including what he thought about the addition of Dee Ford.

The key subject of the day was Johnson's upcoming 2nd Annual Celebrity Waiter Night on Monday, June 9th at Grand Street Cafe. Proceeds benefit DJ's Defend the Dream Foundation which works to provide meaningful opportunities for at-risk youth in Kansas City. However, Fescoe took the opportunity to ask about a few other things.

On what he thought when Dee Ford's name was called:

"Well, [Laughs] it seems like another pass rusher, and you can never have too many pass rushers, especially on a Bob Sutton defense. The way we rush the passer, the way he calls blitzes, it's going to be a nightmare for quarterbacks."

On whether he was surprised at the direction of the draft:

"I'm never surprised by the NFL Draft, just because as players, we never know what coaches are thinking or the organization is thinking or talking about a year or two before the draft even comes up. We definitely stay out of the loop of that, so you're never surprised. You raise your eyebrows sometimes. But we trust Andy Reid and John Dorsey and what they're trying to do. I can't wait for this season to get started."

On whether there's a use for Dee Ford on the Chiefs defense:

"There definitely will be. Definitely will be, especially in the second half of the year, we could have used Dee Ford for sure. It will be one of those things where we have a lot of ammo on defense and we'll see how we use it."

On Chiefs defenders coming into camp in great shape, especially Mike DeVito and Dontari Poe:

"Those two guys you just named, they make my life a lot easier, so I make sure that those guys are in shape when I come in knowing they're going to help me achieve my goals. [Laughs] I take a lot of pride in those guys. We've got a semi-young team and everybody's all in though. What we did last year, coming from a two-win season into an 11-win season, that's remarkable. This year the sky is the limit for us. We're excited and we want to just seize the opportunity. Everybody is gearing up."

On what makes Alex Smith the right leader for this team:

"Alex Smith is a leader, on and off the field. He's a guy that the whole team rallies behind. Alex is a guy who takes a lot of pride in managing the game and not making a lot of mistakes. For a defensive guy, having a guy like Alex Smith is what I want personally -- to not put the defense in a bad position, manage the game, make the big throws when you can and, if not, punt the ball and let us play defense, get back out there and manage the game again. Then when you get the opportunity, throw the touchdown."

Check out the entire interview here for more on DJ's charity event, the NFL Draft and his offseason.

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