The Alex Smith trade. ( A different perspective)

In a post written earlier the question was asked " Did the Kansas City Chiefs or San Fransisco come out better?". It mentioned the differant players that San Fransisco picked with the acquired draft picks. It asked basically would you rather have these five players or Alex Smith? To be honest that is not really a fair question because the players acquired by the 49er's would not be the same players that we would of chosen for our team. Each team has it's own personality. Each team has different needs.

In this post I am going to mention the next five players chosen after each draft pick that we gave up. I will also mention any notable players chosen after that pick as well. I do have the luxury of knowing what some of the players chosen in the 2013 draft did, mainly WR's and RB's. I did not follow how drafted rookie lineman panned out last year. Out of the mentioned players chosen on or after the picks, I will then chose a player that I think would better fit the Chiefs needs and then ask the question once again. Who would you rather have these five players or Alex Smith.

The first pick was the second round 2013.

The 49'ers acquired Tank Carradine. Players chosen after Tank include Robert Woods, WR from USC, Watson Menelik OT, Florida St. Kevin Short DT, Purdue, Kevin Minter LB, LSU, Leveon Bell RB Michigan, AAron Dobson WR, Marshall, Eddie Lacy RB, Alabama. Out of these players it would be a hard choice between Eddie Lacy and Keenan Allen. Going with Chiefs needs I would have to go with Allen.

The second pick is the third round pick 2013.

The 49'ers chose Corey Lemonier DE. Players chosen after the pick include Brennan Williams OT, North Carolina, Kayveon Webster CB, SO. Florida, Bailry Stedman WR, West Virgina, Will Davis CB Utah St., Brabdon Williams DT, Missouri, Zac Stacy RB Vanderbuilt, Kenny Stills WR, Oklahoma. Once again a hard pick. Do I go with Stills? Can you imagine Bowe, Allen and Stills as our starting 3 WR's with Charles and our new little toy DAT coming out of the backfield the would be a coverage nightmire. Still I'm going with what I think the Chiefs would do. Knowing that they will be losing players off the O-line this year and the tendancy of chosing players to fill upcoming holes. I'm going to chose Brennan Williams OT, North Carolina and let him and Stephenson fight it out to see who plays LT and who plays guard.

The Third Pick would be the 2nd round pick 2014.

The 49'ers chose RB Carlos Hyde.

Players chosen after Hyde, Stanley Jean-Baptise CB, Nebraska, Jack Mewhort OT, Ohio State, Ealy Kony DE Missouri, Robinson Allen WR, Penn St., Jimmy Garoppolo QB, Eastern Ill., Jarvis Landry WR, LSU. Marcus Martin C. Ealy would be my choice except we drafted Ford with the first pick. So my pick will be Stanley Jean Baptise CB adding depth and competition to the secondary.

The fourth pick that the 49'ers used was Chris Borland LB. Picks chosen after Borland. Spencer long OG, Nebraska, Terrance Brooks FS Florida St., Dexter Mcdougle CB, Maryland, Gabe Jackson OG, Mississippi, Nix Louis NT Notre Dame, Moncrief Donte WR, Mississippi. Assuming that the Chiefs would of made the same trade as the 49'ers for Stevie Johnson we do not need another WR. So three players intrigue me here. A combination of Nix and Poe could wreck Havoc. Terrence Brooks addresses a need and a quality player. Chris Borland at ILB. I however am going to go with Terrence Brooks FS, Florida St. once again addressing depth and possible a starter at FS. Let Abdullah, Cumming and Brooks fight it out. The compentition would be great.

For a quick overview. The players acquired would Be Keenan Allen WR, Brennan Williams OT, Stanley Jean Baptise CB, Terrance Brooks FS and acquired Steve Johnson from the Bills.

Our secondary would be second to none. Berry as one safety and let Adullah, Cumming and Brooks fight it out for FS. Flowers, Cooper, Stanley Jean Baptise and Gaines fighting it out for the starting CB positions. Up front we add depth and strength we the addition of Dee Ford.

On offense our Wide recieving core would rival the best in the league. Bowe, Allen and Steve Johnson. Kelce is returning at TE, Quality O-Line help was added with Brennen Williams OT and a couple late round picks. Our RB's would be Charles, Davis and DAT. The QB situation would be an all out battle between Daniels, Bray and Murray. A team could do worse. One more thing and a very big plus. We have depth and compentition at virtually every position.

Don't get me wrong I like Smith, however looking at the possibilities of what we could of done with the picks we gave up. I think I would of had to pass on the Smith Trade. What are your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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