We Drafted for Depth...and I like it!!!

Its funny how I thought we needed to take a WR and FS somewhere in this draft, but even though we drafted neither I'm completely happy with it. A lot of folks will be quick to point out that we drafted depth and not starters (again). This is true, but tell me who was available at our picks who would have come in and been an immediate starter? I really don't see anyone available at our spots. The only positions that would even be possible is WR, FS, & OG, and I just didn't see a surefire starter at any of those positions that were available to us.

Although most of these guys are either going to be role players or developmental depth, this is how you build a team for the long term. We replaced DMC with DAT, so as long as the OL can find 5 stable starters, I don't see any reason our offense will take a step back. Also consider we should get a healthy Kelce this year. The offense should be better. We all argued whether the pass rush or secondary was the reason why our defense fell off last year and we solidified both areas. I can easily see our defense also being better (if nothing else, addition through the subtraction of K-Lew).

With the kind of drafting Dorsey has done the last two years, I really expect next year's draft to be our "dynasty draft". With picks in all 7 rounds with a handful of what I expect to be very valuable comp picks, I really see Dorsey adding a star or two in addition to building depth across the board making a roster that can withstand free agency losses or unexpected injury. Our roster is pretty deep as it stands outside of a few positions. Look how deep our secondary talent is right now. Our LB and DL are fairly deep. Even our WR group is deep although without a true star. Heck, we're suddenly deep at QB...and we're the CHIEFS!!!

This team is very much in the mold of Green Bay or the pre-Dream Team Eagles (although I'd say we're better than both when it comes to the amount of pro-bowl talent we have). Those teams were successful because of great coaching, a great system, and a QB who can run it surrounded by a solid but perhaps not spectacular supporting cast.

Are we there yet fellow Chiefs fans? I think we’re a lot closer than anyone realizes.

So lets not worry about that WR or FS everyone thinks we need.

Bowe is still a top talent in this league and his playoff performance showed he can still top 100 yards when he’s fed the ball. Donnie was even having a great game before he got hurt. As likable as DMC was in KC, I feel like DAT is going to make him a distant memory. Watching some film of DAT, not only does the kid have the speed we all felt DMC needed, but he doesn’t leave his feet on contact. He bounces off contact and keeps going similar to Sproles. In the wings we still have AJJ developing and Jr. "I don’t always catch passes, but when I do I prefer Touchdowns" Hemingway along with Dressler and Kyle Williams. I still think Kelce will be the biggest addition to the passing game this year as we all know AS11 loves him some MOAR tight end.

What about that FS you ask? Well, I’m still not sure who our FS is going to be, but it might not frickin’ matter. At my count, we’re five deep at CB with some considerable talent: Flowers, Smith, Cooper, Owens & Gaines. (Assuming both Commings & Parker are in the mix at safety). That’s a formidable CB group that is going to be watching a lot of Superbowl film. Whoever lands the other safety spot (Out of Commings, Abdullah & Parker) is going to be an upgrade over Kendrick Lewis, is going to be playing behind a better group of CB’s, and is going to be covering for less time behind an improved pass rush. I believe we have a serious shot at having one of the best secondaries in the NFL this year…

So, even my own two biggest needs for this draft really aren’t that big of an issue now. The only question mark for me on this roster is the OL, but at worst I think the Fisher-Allen-Hudson-Johnson-Stephenson line-up is at least average. They will probably struggle early but by midseason I could see a fairly solid line.

So now that we have all had a night to sleep on the conclusion of the draft, what are your opinions? Are WR and FS as big of a need as we all thought before the draft? What positions do you think we are now the deepest at and what groups do you think are now our biggest concern?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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