Beginning of the End

It is now day three of the 2014 NFL draft. This is something we all know and understand. Before I get all sentimental let me tell you a little about myself. 1) I am quite possible the worst writer ever. 2) For those of you that love to edit and tell other people where to use a comma and period this is the post for you. 3) I am an avid Chiefs fan surrounded by Bronco fans. 4) I know little to nothing about draft prospects or how to run a franchise.

Now that we have that out of the way let me explain the point to this rambling. After the first two Chief selections in this years draft I only know two things. One is goodbye Tamba. Two is goodbye Flowers. I believe both picks were selected to ease the transition as soon as next off season.

2015: 11,964,706 cap 2,964,706 dead. 9 mil savings. Tamba.

2015: 11,500,000 cap 4,000,000 dead 7.5 mil savings. Flowers.

With the 23rd selection the Kansas City Chiefs take 5 more years of Justin Houston by way of Tamba Hali's cap savings in 2015.

With the 87th selection the Kansas City Chiefs take 4 more years of Alex Smith by way of Brandon Flowers cap savings in 2015. (You can give me arguments in the comments section about how much Smith is worth) Flowers 2016 dead money drops to 1 mill making it a 10.5 mil savings so each year Smith could make a little more (this might actually work). I do want everyone to know that I heart home grown talent and Hali and Flowers are two of my favorite players (behind DJ and Charles). I do not want this to happen but to me this is the writing on the wall.

Lets start with Tamba. Is he on the decline, who knows? 12, 9, and 11 is his sack total for the last three years, not bad for a Chiefs fan. Oh by the way he also scored 12 points last year. (do you remember a pick six, me neither) He also forced 5 fumbles and 39 tackles was around his normal yearly quota. The question to me is a sack worth a million dollars. If the answer is yes, then he has to stay. To me it depends. If the sacks are taking Rivers/Mannings head off, then yes they are worth every penny. If it is against which ever QB the Bills throw at us this year then maybe not so much. But in the scheme of things our opinion does not matter (unless you want to pay to fly a plane over Arrowhead) as much as MR. Dorsey's does. It seems he does not think each sack is worth a mil so the selection is Ford AKA retaining Houston's services for the next 5 years.

On to Flowers did he have a down year? He only had 1 int but he also had 65 tackles. We all loved watching Lewis wiff on those so we must think that taking a great open field tackler out of the secondary is a great idea. Only 6 of those were ast. so don't get the idea he was piling on (like I did to get 86 tackles when I was in high school) to get that total. Also keep in mind the receivers he covered in the 2013 season. Jackson, Welker, Gordon, just to name a few. Lets be honest most of the players Flowers covers is a first round draft pick in your company fantasy league. This to me is a head scratcher. To me Flowers is worth the 11.5 mil a year. Again Dorsey does not call me to ask, so, the pick is Gaines, extending Smith 4 more years on a home town discount.

In summary I may be way wrong. It would not be the first time I guessed and was wrong. If you ask my wife she would say shut up (never mind a little off topic). I am just giving my input on the 2014 draft with a little bit of twist. Do GMs think this way I hope not for my own vain reason. It might actually make the team better and allow us (the Chiefs) to retain players we (Chiefs Fans everywhere) all want to watch on sunday.

Sorry if the post sucked I am sorry, hung over and looking for something to pass the time before the wife drags my butt to church to try to save me. Do you see the beginning of the end for Tamba and Flowers? Have a good day and happy hunting.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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