Learning from Ethan Horton in Kansas City.

Do you even know who Ethan Horton is, Arrowhead Pride?

I do.

Ethan Horton is the RB from North Carolina the Kansas City Chiefs selected prior to Jerry Rice being taken in the 1985 NFL Draft, 15th overall.

Obviously, Jerry Rice went to the San Francisco 49ers, 16th overall. Rice played in the NFL for 20+ seasons, he won three Super Bowl rings, he was involved in 303 NFL games and he started 284 of those contests. Jerry amassed 23,540 total yards and scored 207 TD's in route to being one of the best players to ever play any team sport. And, he could've been a Chief.

In 1985, the Kansas City Chiefs had no interest in the future greatest receiver of all time.


They were far too intrigued with RB Ethan Horton. Far too mesmerized by his potential to play in Kansas City for one year (before playing for six years with the Raiders as a TE.) Far too preoccupied with need, for the Chiefs to see the best WR in history right there for the taking... Far, far, far, too intrigued, indeed. The Chiefs tried to make Ethan Horton a RB, it didn't work.

The rest is history. The 49ers got the GOAT... Kansas City got the opportunity to see Ethan Horton cause a "Who?", 29 years later when I wrote this headline for its fanbase at Arrowhead Pride.

How can we learn from Ethan Horton in 2014 NFL Draft?

We don't let Jerry Rice's blood pass us by a second time.

Obviously, Jerry Rice isn't in this draft. But his cousin is. And his name is Jordan Matthews WR - Vanderbilt. He has Jerry Rice blood flowing throw his veins and he'll be there for the Chiefs to pick in this draft.

Scoffy McScofferson probably says, "Well CBO, blah, blah, blah. Jordan Matthews isn't Jerry Rice, he isn't even a first round pick... He'll probably be around in round three, I wouldn't pick him any higher, unless there's a surefire sign that he's the next Jerry Rice... Yada, yada, yada."

Well, Scoffy... I got your sign.

The Chiefs pick at 23. A number that signifies greatness.


Because when you think of greatness in the ‘80s, you think of a couple players in different sports. In football, you think of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. In Boxing, you think of Mike Tyson. In Baseball, you think of Nolan Ryan, Rickey Henderson and people like, Cal Ripken Jr. or George Brett (Baseball was awesome in the ‘80s...Pine Tar!) In basketball, you think of Michael Jordan.

What number did Michael Jordan wear?


Wow, that's where the Chiefs pick... What's Jerry Rice's cousins name again?

Jordan Matthews. Yes... he shares a name with, His Airness: Michael Jordan?

Coincidence? No, it's simply a sign for the people that need one to believe anything.

29 years after missing out on Jerry Rice and settling for Ethan Horton's 28 catches and 1 TD (coincidentally totaling 29.) The Chiefs have an opportunity to notice the signs. The Chiefs have an opportunity to capture greatness. To potentially develop their very own GOAT.

Will the Kansas City Chiefs learn from Ethan Horton?

Probably not.

It's the Chiefs, after all.

That said, I wish they would. When you watch Jordan Matthews play (click to watch), you'll see the glimpses. You'll notice the way he catches the ball with his hands. You'll recognize the way he run sideways... almost about to fall over with perfect running form... Just like Jerry Rice.

Jordan attacks the ball at the highest point. Jordan runs crisp routes and uses his acceleration management in his running ability to track the football to make lousy throws seems deadly accurate... Just like Jerry Rice.

In 1979, the Kansas City Chiefs took QB Steve Fuller in the first round. Five years before Todd Blackledge. No one talks about Fuller being a bust in Kansas City... It's all about Todd and 30 years without a QB in the first round. No one talks about Joe Montana going in round three that year... It's all about missing out on Dan Marino in 1983.

Man... the "What-if" Chiefs game will drive you crazy.

Let's learn from Ethan Horton, Kansas City. Let's read the obvious signs. Let's not let yet another GOAT end up eating Super Bowl grass in someone else's yard.

Geaux Chiefs!!!

[Here's an article written in 1991 about Ethan Horton coming back with the Raiders to haunt the Chiefs with Pro Bowl level play... good times and an interesting read. Here.]

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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