Teh bestezt Mawk draft uv awl timez!!!eleven!!! onehundredeleven!!! exclamationpoint!

Chiefs trade Jamaal Charles Tyler Bray and a crossoinwich from Burger King for the first overall pick.

Now with the first pick in the draft, the Chiefs select...

Round 1 pick 1. Sammy Watkins WR from Clemson. Man this guy would really shore up our issues in the secondary, really a can't miss pick.

Now that the Chiefs have addressed their WR position they can address other holes, maybe at RB where they traded Jamaal Charles to get Sammy Watkins, but I think with their next pick they should take

Round 1 pick 23. Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU. BOOM! No Branden Albert, no problem! Now the Chiefs really have options in the receiving game, endless opportunities for Alex Smith to go deep on every single play now.

Now that we have taken 2 WR's in the first round, no worries about that second round pick, we can now focus on areas in the 3rd round like FS, or along the offensive line.

Round 3 pick 87. Martavis Bryant WR Clemson. Oh man, you thought I was going to go somewhere else with this pick didn't you... NOPE! No way teams will be able to counter the dual LSU threat and now a dual Clemson threat. Epic mind meldage will be going on out there, defenses won't have a chance.

Finally, wide receiver position is set, so now the chiefs can really can focus on depth maybe at inside linebacker or along the defensive line.

Round 4 pick 124. Donte Moncreif WR Mississippi. Now I know what you are saying here, no way Moncreif is still available for this pick in the fourth round for the Chiefs but with questions in effort and the blocking game this guy could slip, and man he would be a steal at this spot. Can you imagine lining 5 wide every play with Bowe, Watkins, Beckham, Bryant and Moncreif!? GONNA. BE. EPIC!

So now, the greatest wide receiver corp in the history of corps or receivers has now been built, the Chiefs will probably look to see if any questionable character guys with unlimited potential have fallen to this spot in hopes of really landing a draft steal.

Round 5 pick 163. TJ Jones WR Notre Dame. Oh this would be sweet, if the Chiefs could land a WR of this talent at this pick. TJ Jones is an underrated route runner and really has good hands, any team would be happy to land this guy in this round.

So having drafted 5 WR's so far the Chiefs must address players in the trenches as they have lost several hog mollies up front.

Round 6 pick 193 Jeff Janis WR Saginaw Valley. I know what you are thinking WHY WOULD YOU TAKE JEFF JANIS HERE WITH SOLOMON PATTON STILL ON THE BOARD... But dude Chill. Trust me this guy is gonna go to at least 17 pro bowls, and you can never have too many WR's when your defense is getting shredded week in and week out.

Round 6 pick 200 Isaiah Burce WR Fresno State. Okay I get you are mad about this pick, but it was a genuine mistake. Here the front office was scanning which receivers were left and they thought it said Issac Bruce, and man could you imagine snagging Issac Bruce with the 200th pick when he is only 41 years old?

Okay, one pick left here the Chiefs could address the long snapper situation here, or maybe get a backup punter for Colquitt insurance, lets see how the cards play out.

Round 7 John Brown WR Pittsburg State. And there it is, the versatile John Brown from my alma matter Pittsburg State finally gets drafted. This Chiefs offense is going to be straight bonkers when they line up in a 9 wide formation dropping bombs all over the field.

So there you have it.

Lets sum up the positions addressed, DE... NOPE! OG, pssh those guys don't ever catch TD passes. FS, ugh, we won't need a defense anymore because we are gonna score like 78 points a game. QB, who needs a QB when you can just have 9 WR's catch 100 passes each every year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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