A Chiefs Mock Draft

It's mock draft season, and I've decided to create my own mock draft. These picks are my opinion, so if you don't agree, write your own fanpost with your own mock draft. At each pick, I'll name two or three guys, because there are so many options in the draft, and you never know who is gonna do what.

Round 1, Pick 23

Option 1: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State Seminoles

This is the perfect match for the Chiefs, in my opinion. He's 6'5'', 240 lbs., and is a physical mismatch for any defensive back. He is an excellent jumpball catcher, and eats up cushion like fat kids eat Snickers. He is ridiculously fast, and has good run strength after catching. He emerged as a clutch, go-to, big-play receiver - caught the game winning touchdown in the national championship game vs. Auburn.

Option 2: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt Commodores

The Vandy stud has good length, and is a big-zone target. He's got great form as a route-runner, and has the leaping ability to get up and snag the ball out of the air. He can be moody and has some diva in him, but can turn short passes into big gains.

Option 3: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

This guy is a monster protecting the QB. He is fast (ran the 40-yard dash in under 5.9 seconds), and has very good balance. Is very similar to New England's 2011 selection Nate Solder

Round 3, Pick 87

Option 1: Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

He's protected one of the most explosive offenses in college football his senior year. The 6'5'', 329 pound redshirt senior owns legitimate NFL strength. He could stand to lose some unnecessary fat, but has a lot of potential.

Option 2: Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

This guy would actually be a steal at the 87th pick. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in strength and speed. He is athletic, and can eat up yards in a hurry. He also played point guard for the Gamecock's basketball team. If Ellington doesn't work out at WR, he has traits to be considered a kick returner, though it would be hard to replace Dexter McCluster.

Round 4, Pick 124

Option 1: Christian Kirksey, OLB, Iowa

The Chiefs were known for their defense last year. Then they played the Broncos. The Chiefs could use some young linebackers to train for when Tamba Hali and those other beast move on. Kirksey might be 6'2'', but he's agile and athletic. Great character, this guy's a real leader.

Option 2: Yawin Smallwood, OLB, Connecticut

Another excellent linebacker, Smallwood can get to the QB in a hurry. He can get depth in the zone, and has great footwork. If Kirksey is taken by the time the Chief's 124 pick comes around, Smallwood would be a nice draft pick.

Round 5, Pick 163

Option 1: Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood

Desir is an outstanding cornerback with not a lot of experience. He's a guy who could have benefited from another year or two in college, but this guy is really confident in the way he plays football, always a good trait for a young player.

Option 2: Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh

Ever since the Chiefs signed Alex Smith, things have been going pretty smoothly at the QB spot. But we don't really have depth at QB. If Alex Smith goes down, then what? The Chief's next two guys are Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray. Nobody in Chief country is crazy about them, but Savage is just the guy for Kansas City. He's big, he's physical, and he's got excellent arm strength to compete at the NFL level.

Option 3: Isaiah Lewis, SS, Michigan State

His draft profile predicts him to be picked during the 6th round. This guy is explosive, his motor runs hot: he supports the run aggressively and pursues urgently. This guy has huge hands for a guy that's 5'10'', and has special teams experience: he won't be afraid to go after a jump ball.

Round 6, Pick 193

Option 1: Chris Watt, OG, Notre Dame

Watt is big and athletic. The Chiefs will probably have already picked up an offensive lineman by this point, but Watt has a lot of potential.

Option 2: Xavier Grimble, TE, Southern California

Chiefs fans all know that their team needs a wide receiver and an offensive lineman. Why not get a guy who can do both? Grimble is a powerful tight end, he's got the strength to compete at the left or right guard spots, but he's known for his catching ability. Once he gets his big paws on the ball, he's a load to bring down. Imagine the Incredible Hulk playing football. You just imagined Xavier Grimble. He would be a real steal at pick 193.

Round 6, Pick 200

Option 1: Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College

Pierre-Louis is a heavily underrated outside linebacker. After being a top performer in 5 of the 6 Combine workouts, he was given a very low grade of 4.65. His draft profile predicts him to be a priority free agent. I, for one, think he can drafted. He's got a muscular build, great footwork, and flows well laterally. He is motivated and hardworking, and will bring a good work ethic with him wherever he goes.

Option 2: Tom Hornsey, P, Memphis

Hornsey won the Ray Guy award for nation's best punter. He is consistent, confident, and most importantly, has a strong leg. You can't pass up the nation's best punter! He could really challenge Dustin Colquitt. And if it doesn't all work out, he could challenge Colquitt for that holder spot.

There you have it. My mock draft for the Kansas City Chiefs. I'd love to hear your opinions.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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