Why Allen Robinson needs to be the 1st pick of the Kansas City Chiefs.

OK, before you go off on the whole "we need a flanker, a Z that can get big chunks of yards to make Any Reid's West cost offense work" chill out a moment. I'm sure you are as tired as I am about reading Cooks vs Beckham articles so let's find something interesting and let me convince you why this is a good idea. Before going into Allen Robinson the player, let me set up some arguments that have his selection make sense aside from his individual talent.

1- Need. Where a single player can fill our void at any one of the positions of Guard, Safety or a Pass rusher, we need 3 replacements at Wide Receiver. Donnie Avery needs to be replaced. Dexter McCluster is gone and we need to find a replacement for Dwayne Bowe. Yes Bowe. The dead money in Bowe's contract is over 10 mil both this year and next. It then drops to 6 mil and he likely becomes a cap casualty. If your goal is to build through the draft, it should take about 2 years to develop his replacement. We can't be in denial about Bowe and what it's gonna cost to replace him. Luck would have it though that this is the draft to do that if we are smart enough to take advantage of it.

2- Trade down and draft a second quality receiver. It seems that all I ever read about is how difficult it is to trade down. Really? Last year there were 11 trades of 1st round picks. A full third of the league. The year before? 16 were traded. That's right HALF of all the 1st round picks were traded. Think about it, could there have been more? For the same reason that teams trade up for a player they "fall in love with" teams stay put for the exact same reason and jump at the chance with no real intention of trading back. It's not that they couldn't it's that they wouldn't. We wouldn't be one of those teams. How many teams do you think were like that? Then consider how many teams were willing to trade but felt that the value wasn't there to pull the trigger. Willing participants that just couldn't make the numbers work with some guidance from the "Chart". Now let me ask you another question, being that this years draft is so deep, why wouldn't you be willing to get a technical lesser value pick when the caliber of player would be the same? Especially this year if you are looking to load up on receivers in a loaded receiver draft? If you are looking to make a trade you should be able to make one, even if your asking price drops a little bit.

3- The other prospects. Because the depth in this draft is so great, players like Paul Richardson, Bruce Ellington or Robert Herron don't get nearly the appreciation they deserve. These are real speedsters that along with Robinson would reshape that position. Wouldn't you take that scenario over just getting one player such as Lee, Cooks or Beckham? Don't forget how high the bust rate has been for 1st round receivers. We can turn the weakest position on our team in terms of starters and depth into one of the strongest by taking advantage of this wide receiver draft.

Now lets look at Allen Robinson himself. Let me ask you a question. Why does Allen Robinson get overlooked? He's the Big 10 two time player of the year, hello? The only reason he isn't mentioned in the same breath as Beckham, Cooks and Lee is because of perceived lack of straight line speed. When watching the NFL combine Mike Mayock said that he expected Robinson to run a 4.65 and guess what he ran a 4.65. At 6'2 220 he wasn't expected to be a blazer either. He has become the victim of scouts expectations and hence our own. His poor combine showing made it clear that he had to get faster and leaner. Allen Robinson lost 12 pounds for his pro day at Penn St. At 208 pounds he ran a 4.47 forty. His incredible 42 inch vertical jump would have tied him for 1st place among ALL PLAYERS at the combine. Draft watchers fall in love with speed but this seemed to be an afterthought. It became a case of we already made up our minds. 4.47 isn't slow

What got my attention was when an analyst for ESPN said that of the 93 catches he had last year, he dropped only one. Geez after all we've been through shouldn't this be priority number one. A GUY THAT DOESN'T DROP PASSES? More importantly Allen Robinson has the "IT" factor when it comes to making plays. In the end that's all that matters. We all remember the play that ended our season. Watch this play, down by 7 points to Michigan with about 30 seconds left Penn State needs a bit of a miracle. I think Mike Evans may be able to make that catch but doubt anyone else in this draft could. There is a reason Dorsey likes big corners. Doesn't that suggest that he likes big receivers as well (ahem, Jordy Nelson... James Jones)? The CB on this play is 6'2 by the way. Can you see the new age AJ Green like size and body control, the popular "catching radius" that Lee, Cooks, ODB don't possess?

Ok so Robinson's 42 inch vertical leap at his pro day would have been the highest at the NFL combine and he ran a 4.47. He's is a big strong receiver and he can jump but can he run AFTER the catch (calling Kelvin Benjamin)? You tell me:

Now below, look at his natural vision, running ability and toughness all in one package. That's a born complete player. He is a flat out playmaker whose YAC are so important in Andy Reid's offense. You can be in love with speed but it takes more than just speed. His YAC on receiver screens was 14.25 yards per. Cooks had 9.34 While Watkins had 8.29

I've made my case for Allen Robinson, why he is needs to be a Chief and why he is overlooked. The fact that he is being overlooked and our need for more than one quality receiver in this draft gives us a potential rare opportunity. Now if we could only add this little point guard to the team as well and seal the deal!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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