Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 4/27

Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Chiefs' Smith Gets Started Refining His Offense from KC Star via The Wichita Eagle

Because the players are limited to classroom work with the coaches during the first phase of the off-season program, Smith, Reid and the offensive staff are evaluating every facet of the playbook until they can get on the field.

"It's not so much the volume (of the playbook) as it is the refining," Smith said. "What do we do well? Sometimes you install things and you look back on the season, and you didn't run it that many times. But you spent a bunch of time working on it, so you try to be more efficient in things like that.

"You're looking at the team as a whole, you're looking at the offense as a whole, and the quarterbacks, and even yourself, what do I need to do to get better at individually, fundamentally?"

Chiefs Coach Discusses Faith And Family from The St. Joseph News-Press

The loss of a child, a career that kept their family on the move, and the keys to winning any phase of life were but a few of the topics that Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid used to motivate his "team" Saturday night.

Mr. Reid and his wife, Tammy, discussed their faith and family Saturday night during an event at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Platte City.

The coach treated a crowd of around 800 people to the same slide presentation he gave his football team last week, with a twist based on his Mormon faith.

Paige: It's Perfectly Possible To Predict Broncos' 2014 Season from The Denver Post

The Sept. 7 Sunday night opener against Indianapolis - as was the Baltimore game in 2013 - is a setup and Revenge Bowl I. The home games against Kansas City, Arizona, Miami, Buffalo and Oakland will be simple enough...

...Playing at K.C. is never a bargain for the Broncos. It has gotten Denver coaches fired. Ask McD. But Manning is 11-1 against the Chiefs.

Bell: NFL Playoff Expansion Push Gains Momentum With Goodell from USA Today

Goodell has nothing to lose by being aggressive on the issue. If the measure doesn't pass in May, the tracks are laid for implementation for the 2015 season.

It's never too early to start the wheels churning for change, when it comes to securing 24 votes from owners for passage. It took the late Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt a decade to get the two-point conversion passed. And instant replay went through a stop-and-start cycle of its own.

New York Giants Have Met With Purdue OT Kevin Pamphile from Giants 101

The 6'4'', 311 lbs. Pamphile has generated interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals in addition to the Giants and Raiders. He is projected to either be a 7th round draft pick or to, potentially, sign as an undrafted rookie free agent.

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