Perceived Chiefs Needs

Rotoworld put out their take on the Kansas City Chiefs team needs for the 2014 NFL draft this week. The number one need as projected by Evan Silva and Josh Norris?

No. 1 Team Need: Offensive Line

Silva's analysis

Left tackle Branden Albert, right guard Geoff Schwartz, and top interior reserve Jon Asamoah all left in free agency. Left guard Jeff Allen struggled mightily for a second straight season, while C Rodney Hudson is entering a contract year. 2013 No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher was a letdown as a rookie, and swing tackle Donald Stephenson is best suited for a backup role. Beyond Fisher, the Chiefs have little settled long term on their offensive line. They may use multiple draft picks here.

Yep, The Chiefs lost 3 offensive lineman in the 2014 Free Agency period. Andy Reid and John Dorsey knew it might happen. The Chiefs kept 9 Offensive lineman on the 2013 active roster for the entire season. Maybe, a season long training camp for the replacement players just in case the worst happened. Watkins, Johnson, Kush, and Stephenson were all available. I would agree Donald Stephenson makes an awesome Swing Tackle for the Chiefs, but he can be the Swing tackle from the Right Tackle position just as easily as from the bench. The Chiefs added a versatile vet in Jeff Linchenbach to be insurance if someone is just not cutting it. I would expect the Chiefs will have a heavy roster of Offensive lineman in 2014. Need Level = 1 Guard/Tackle prospect in the latter rounds.

Chiefs need number two in the 2014 NFL draft

No. 2 Team Need: Safety

Silva's analysis

The Chiefs predictably let incumbent FS Kendrick Lewis leave without a fight, and salary-cap constraints prevented them from replacing him before the draft. Converted cornerback Sanders Commings is currently penciled in at free safety. It's a position at which Kansas City figures to use a high draft pick, perhaps as early as No. 23 overall. As SS Eric Berry is at his best playing close to the line of scrimmage, Bob Sutton's defense could use a rangy safety to roam center field.

Agree, The Chiefs need a fast Center-fielder type Free Safety. We might use the #23 pick on this. Is their a prospect available worth that pick on draft night? That is the problem with this position to fill. We have Eric Berry, Sanders Commings, and Hussain Abdullah all available to play Center field. Is the Free Safety position that hard to fill with a young talented latter round pick? We have always filled it before with latter round selections. Need Level = 1 Free Safety type in the latter rounds.

Kansas City Chiefs need number three

No. 3 Team Need: Wide Receiver

Silva's analysis

The Chiefs were the only team in the NFL in 2013 whose tailback led them in targets, catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Andy Reid deserves a lot of credit for expanding Alex Smith's willingness to pull the trigger over the course of the season, but Smith won't continue his growth without better weapons. Kansas City also lostDexter McCluster's 53 receptions in free agency.

We need someone to catch passes. I think, Jamaal Charles and Anthony Sherman have the ability to catch a pass.Knile Davis showed the ability to catch also. Our TE's have been able to catch some passes, when available to play in a real game. We will get Travis Kelce back this season, Anthony Fasano, The "Beard" so maybe we have some of that solution in house. Dwayne Bowe is still Dwayne Bowe and is good for 100+ targets in the passing game. A plethora of possible guys are already on the roster. Tall and short, sometimes speedy and sure-handed, able to play special teams jobs too. Need Level = 1 Wide Receiver that can catch the ball deeper on the field and stretch defenses vertically.

While John Dorsey seemed to be fiddling while Arrowhead burned; He did re-sign Abdullah, signed Vance Walker andJoe Mays to replace some departed players. He brought in the bestest WR in the CFL and the worstest WR/Punt returner in NFC history. It is time for the plan to pan!

If WE are going to build a Super Bowl champion through the draft, you have to let the drafted players on the field.

The Chiefs have all the pieces, whether we trust them or not, to compete in 2014. Now we draft for 2015 and beyond. Select the best player on the Chiefs board every round. We know that Dorsey and his scouts looked at, listened too, and brought in every single questionable player possible to be chosen in the draft.

Time to trust the Process

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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