1st ROUND : 5 Players John Dorsey & Andy Reid Could Draft

DePat Kirwan recently stated, "Fans get upset when teams don't draft their need right away. They think like coaches , believing that they are 1-2 players away. Scouting departments on the other hand spend 2-3 million dollars a year to think about the long term. They are there to make sure that if you're at your pick and there's a 10 on the board you pick them , instead of picking a need that only grades out at a 6 or 7.'

We're heard the repetitive nature of COOKS vs BECKHAM JR for 4 weeks. But lets not be held to JUST those names.



Let's assume that the names Matthews, Clowney, Clinton-Dix , Mack, Watkins, Evans, and Dernard are off the charts by pick 23.



Before some of you start typing, let me assure you that I'm not a MU fan. I grew up on the Kansas side and went to school in Pennsylvania. That being said , I am a fan of Defenses. Especially ones that can rough up Peyton Manning.

Like Dion Jordan from a year ago , Ealy is a phenomenal athlete. In fact , I like some of his tape more than Jordan. He's a OLB that will get you a lot of deflected passes and the MU coaches know how to teach turnovers better than any staff in the nation.

The Positives :

A) One of the things I like about drafting an Ealy, is that the Chiefs really struggled when Hali & Houston weren't 100%. Neither was at full capacity until around the time of the Pro Bowl. Zombo / Moses / etc aren't Passing Down OLBS - or at least not long term projects for the OLB position.

B) Truthfully , Hali and Houston will never be able to do much in coverage when it comes to extremely athletic TEs. Ealy has better "tipping" arms and better hip movement than either.



C) Hali/Houston/Ealy could be placed on the field at the same time. If you watch tape from last season. A common passing down package was Poe / Bailey on the line. Houston/Hali/Berry/Johnson at LB.

Rotating Hali to play inside on a guard while Poe is double teamed - WITH HOUSTON & EALY coming around the edges would really make it hard for an offensive line to buy time for their QB.

D) Hali & Houston are going to be part of series of players with contracts being explored over the next few years. Hali will be 32 by then - and history hasn't been as kind to OLBs once they hit that spot.




Lewan's draft stock has dropped for a few reasons. One has to do with an altercation he had in a bar. Other scouts aren't sure if he finishes blocks with the intensity that they want out of a left tackle.

a) Truthfully, Lewan would have been the no.1 overall pick had he come out last season.
b) Kansas City Chiefs fans have to be concerned about the Rookie Season and 1st Offseason of Eric Fisher. Fisher might benefit from having a person who wants to compete for his starting Left Tackle job.
c) Donald Stephenson is a free agent next season.
d) Not only is Depth an issue at Offensive line. So is Talent. The Chiefs have a tougher lineup of defensive lines to face this year. Although it might be baptism by fire , Lewan would be a person I could see thriving in that system.
e ) The Chiefs have their locker room core already assembled. Unlike Miami , Lewan won't be seen as a vocal leader or problem.


If you think draft boards from December are the same as they after Pro Days & Visits , start to drink some coffee and look at the last 3 drafts.



About a month ago, Bucannon was seen as a late 2nd / early 3rd round player. Not only has his tape been some of the most impressive Safety Play I've seen. But the guy is a Vontaze Burfict of defensive backs.

a) 78 Inch Wingspan. 4.49. That's the same as Richard Sherman.

b) Bucannon isn't just a hard hitter. His tackling/angling is more impressive than Calvin Pryor.

c) Bucannon is a film room guy. He makes interceptions and decissions before the ball is in the air. If you look at his work from last year , it wasn't a lot of whiffed passes. He was him knowing the route as well as the man he was covering.

d) I will happily drink Scotch if Deone is our guy in round one. Infact, truth be told , he'd be my favorite Chiefs 1st round pick since we had Mr. Berry fall to us.


The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots covet him. Especially with theories that he will be tested at Corner.



Positives :

A ) Bitonio reminds me a bit of Geoff Schwartz. He loves the game of football. He's not afraid of anyone. And he plays until the whistle is blown once or twice. You want a guy like that in the huddle.

B) No one is really sure what Bitionio is - in a good way. He has experience playing multiple positions on the O-Line. I hold no reservations in saying that I don't think that Rodney Hudson is Andy Reid's ideal center. Although that can be disproven , Bitonio feels like he could be that guy.

C) There's no question that the NEVADA philosophy is going to be all over our playbook. Nevada's linemen are build for variations of counter and screen plays that the NFL rarely uses.

D) Repeating what I stated with Lewan. In a couple of years Fisher will be the VETERAN of this line. You want the right minded and technically sound guys to put on a Line. Especially when you are playing PLAYOFF Style Football.




I spent 6 years of NFL Drafts with Eagles Fans. Andy Reid loves explosion, size, and rare athletics. Perhaps when it's not even in his best interest.

Two Defensive Lineman at around 350 seems like an error on the depth chart.
But this isn't the 1980s anymore. You DON'T need to worry about the run as much.... so why?


A) The first positive is simple. Dontarie Poe is a Pro Bowl defensive tackle who will be placed on Double Teams for an entire season.

B) Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers crack when you kill the pocket from the middle. Although Vance Walker is a Chief ... is he a starter or is he a rotation guy? And how long term is a guy with a 3 year contract w/ a 2nd year option?

C) You just built a brick wall for the Seahawks, 49ers, and every team to run up.

D) Nix brings an attitude & energy that I feel like this team lacks. The guy is the perfect energy counterpart to a quiet and steady Poe. They could feed off of each other really well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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