Chiefs offseason injury report, plus Andy Reid's welcome to start of 2014 season

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs got back to it Monday with the start of the offseason program. Andy Reid ran down the do's and don't's of the offseason program, and gave an updated injury report.

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said the players had a lot of energy in their first day back at Arrowhead for the start of the offseason program. While the bulk of the work took place in the conditioning area, the Chiefs were also able to get some classroom work in, Reid told reporters on Monday afternoon.

"This is a fun day, one of the better days of the year when we can get everyone back together and move onto the 2014 season," Reid said. "This is day one of doing that as a team.

"These are not mandatory camps here that we're in. This is phase one of a non-mandatory workouts and really that's what it consists of. In phase one, you're allowed to have the players in the building for X numbers of hours for X number of days. They are allowed to lift with your strength coaches and condition with your strength coaches. The quarterbacks and the receivers are allowed to throw without coaches. The only coaching that takes place is in the classroom."

Reid said that he would like to get the younger players into the building earlier but "those are the rules you're given".

If you're a huge nerd and want to read more about the rules and regulations on the offseason, check out this post. Or you can go straight to the CBA yourself.

Reid did not tell us who showed up and who didn't, which is usually one of the news stories that comes out of these workouts. But he did say it was a good turnout. While these are not mandatory, a lot of teams get a high percentage of players to attend (and sometimes tout 100 percent participation, as the Chiefs have done in the past). Other players have financial incentives to attend.

Here's the Chiefs offseason injury report, according to Reid:
  • LT Eric Fisher: Shoulder surgery and a sports hernia. "He's doing very well," Reid said. "He's been here the whole offseason rehabbing and has made quite a bit of progress. He's doing all of his lower body work and rehabbing the shoulder, doing what he can with that part of that." Read more on Fisher's injury here.
  • RB Knile Davis: Broken leg in the playoff game. He did not need surgery, Reid said.
  • S Sanders Commings: Reid said he is coming off a January surgery -- not sure what that is. He broke his collarbone last July. He has been cleared for the offseason program, Reid said.
  • LB Dezman Moses: He had some "toe issues" but is progressing well.
  • LB James Michael-Johnson: He had a high ankle sprain but is doing well.
  • TE Demetrius Harris: Also had a high ankle sprain but is doing well.
  • TE Travis Kelce: Reid wasn't clear when he was asked if Kelce was medically cleared. But he said Kelce was doing everything with them now (which is conditioning-related). He also said he could catch passes from the quarterbacks. We talked with Kelce a few weeks back.
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