CC's Mock Draft Open Thread: Week 2 - "The Trade"

Another week and another mock closer to the real thing. This time around I'm going to take a look at one of the more popular scenarios here on back. But don't get too excited. Those of you who know me as well as complete strangers on a fan-based internet site possibly could, know that I'm not given to wild fantasy. The trade I'm talking about isn't some huge move that garners us all these huge options. It's a strategic move that puts us in a good position to make quality additions, without sacrificing our most valuable draft asset (that 1st rd pick).

Trade: Chiefs send the #23 pick to San Francisco for the #30, #77 (3rd rd), and #243 (7th rd) picks.

Why do the 49ers make this trade? A couple of reasons. The first is the pick/player angle. At #23, SF pisses off Chiefs fans all over AP by selecting Aaron Donald - DT - Pitt. Justin Smith isn't getting any younger, and the 49ers will want the best heir-apparent they can get. After the run on WRs, OTs, and QBs that is likely to happen in this draft, there will be a number of good D-linemen still on the board. The Chiefs will be major contenders in that regard, but after adding Vance Walker, they don't have to stay put and take the "best" one. Next, there is the 3rd rd comp pick that the 49ers picked up. The rich get richer...but part of that is because they know HOW to spend. That's the case here as SF still has a pair of 3rd rd picks even after moving up in the 1st rd. Finally, there is the 7th rd pick. The 49ers have 3 picks in the 7th rd, so they aren't giving up anything here. The Chiefs, meanwhile, get an opportunity to take a guy that they don't want to miss out on as an UDFA.

This places the Chiefs in a very interesting position. They now have the ammunition to move into the 2nd rd if they choose, or they can sit back and take advantage of a deep draft and address some major depth chart issues in an effort to become a complete team (take some notes Elway). For now, we'll go with that second option.

1st (#30 from SF): Stephon Tuitt - DE - Notre Dame:



While the Chiefs made a quality move at DE with signing Vance Walker, they take advantage of a solid DE class by also adding Tuitt to replace Mike DeVito in the future, as well as adding a player who can provide immediate depth at any position on the line in any arrangement. Tuitt is a versatile player who has lined up all over the defensive front, and has been productive at each spot. He's a quality run stuffer and brings a solid pass rush to the table as well. Between Tuitt and Walker, the future looks good at DE for the Chiefs.

3rd (#77 from SF): Dakota Dozier - OG - Furman:



While I'm not a fan of moving a guy from OT to OG and expecting him to start right away, Dakota Dozier is a player that I have some confidence in. He moves extremely well and has all of the natural tools needed to be successful as a G. There are some technique issues which, when combined with a position switch, will likely mean some growing pains. He will battle with Rishaw Johnson for the starting role this season, but Chiefs fans should probably prepare themselves for RG being the weak spot on the line in 2014. Fortunately, that should be a short-term issue only as I think Dozier could develop into a very good OG.

3rd (#87): Stanley Jean-Baptiste - CB - Nebraska:



No change here from last week. In fact, I feel even more confident about this pick with the addition of that other 3rd rd pick. Jean-Baptiste has great size and strength to be a solid press corner. He needs to get more aggressive, but I think that will come naturally from being around Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith. Jean-Baptiste and Marcus Cooper will be a solid competition for the #3 CB spot, and he projects well for the Chiefs in the long run.

4th (#124): Josh Huff - WR - Oregon:



A slight change here as the Chiefs catch a break. I mentioned earlier the probable run on WRs, well, this is where it pays off for the Chiefs. An early run means a softer market later on. Josh Huff becomes available in the late 4th and the Chiefs take advantage. The athleticism value here is excellent as Huff is exactly the kind of WR Andy Reid has had success with in the past. Huff won't be a day one starter, and might never crack the starting lineup, but he's going to be in a tight battle with AJ Jenkins for playing time. The Chiefs get deeper at WR with this pick, which is what we need.

5th (#163): Jonathan Dowling - FS - Western Kentucky:



Like I was going to put anybody else here. I have a guy every year that I bang the drum for, and this year it is Jonathan Dowling. Great combinatin of size and athleticism, Dowling would be a 2nd or 3rd rd prospect, at least, had he not been kicked out of Florida. He needs a stable environment and good coaching to hone his skills and keep his confidence from being cockiness, but we have that here in KC, so he should be able to develop into a quality player. We should all be excited about the winner of a camp battle between Commings and Dowling.

6th (#193): Joe Don Duncan - TE - Dixie St:



The Chiefs throw another potential weapon into the mix with Duncan. He broke almost every receiving record there was at Dixie St...and then did it again. He probably would have done it a third time if he hadn't missed 2012 with an injury. Duncan didn't get the opportunity to show his stuff in any of the All Star games or the Combine, so teams will have a hard time placing him on their draft boards. With potentially already having 3 adequate TEs on the roster, the Chiefs can take the gamble. The hope here is that Kelce is able to take over the starting role either this year or next, allowing the Chiefs to move on from Fasano while using Duncan and McGrath as the depth opitons. Not a bad scenario for them.

6th (#200): Tyler Starr - OLB - South Dakota:



The Chiefs get a play-maker here that can really boost our depth. Starr will probably never be a starter, but he is the kind of depth player that can provide that unexpected spark. He has a knack for forcing fumbles and laying big hits. He has an incredible mix of size and athleticism for the position that allows him to be valuable in coverage against TEs or to bring the pass rush. He needs some good coaching though so that he learns the difference between rushing the passer and just running around like a wildman.

7th (#243 from SF): Larry Webster - DE - Bloomsburg:



The Chiefs, again, take advantage of the 49ers generosity by getting a raw, but talented player in Webster. Between playing at a small school and being on the team for only a couple of years, Larry Webster is a relative unknown in the draft. To be honest, I've got to thank Todd McShay for turning me on to this guy...but now I'm fully on board with this pick! Webster has tremendous size and athleticism to be an OLB, but also the frame to bulk up and play DE. Either way, he is an athletic monster that can overwhelm the opposition. He was a basketball player for Bloomsburg, even being named the PSAC Eastern Division Player of the Year, before deciding to also play football. This is an incredible opportunity to find a late round diamond in the rough.

Top 5 UDFAs:

Connor Shaw - QB - South Carolina: No reason to change this from last week. UDFA competition at QB is how you find those Tony Romo guys. I'm a proponent of bringing in an UDFA QB every year. Worst cut him and are no worse for wear. Shaw is a gamer that can bring a spark if he's called upon, though I wouldn't want to rely on him as a starter unless he develops his technique.

Donald Hawkins - OT - Texas: Again, no reason to change. The Chiefs need depth on the OL, and Hawkins has the potential to fill that role. OL is a popular area to bring in UDFA talent because those positions can be very unpredictable when evaluating talent.

Lorenzo Taliafaro - RB - Coastal Carolina: Keeping with the theme. UDFA is a great spot to look for your 3rd RB. It's a no-risk with the potential for high-reward. Taliafaro will probably not be a home run like Arian Foster, but he could be a solid contributor that gives us a strong short-yardage back.

Zack Kerr - DT - Delaware: Another holdover from last week. We need to find a way to give Dontari Poe a breather every now and then. Kerr has a lot of potential to fill a limited role. He won't be a big time player, but as a goal-to-go specialist and rotational player, there is some value.

Quincy Enuwa - WR - Nebraska: Another area to grab UDFAs is WR. We need to build the back end of our WR corps, and while there is hope for some guys on the roster and practice squad, we should never be content to just rely on that. Competition is a constant need in that regard. Iron sharpens iron.

So probably not what folks were hoping for with a trade, but I really do not see a lot of 2nd rd options being open to us...and I don't like the thought of just giving up our 1st rd pick anyways. While it is a deep draft, it is also very loaded with talent in the 1st rd and I think we would be foolish to miss out on that. I held off on an early WR again as I feel confident that the Chiefs intend to make that move via FA (yes, there are still some options out there).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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