Jace Amaro

What was one of the 1st things Andy Reid and John Dorsey did on arrival at One Arrowhead Drive? The very first day of 2013 Free Agency saw the signing of Anthony Fasano.

AP headline. The first free agent is Anthony Fasano!

AP Headline. Travis Kelce to KC Chiefs in 3rd round

The 2nd player the Chiefs drafted in the Andy Reid and John Dorsey era. I would guess Tony Moeaki was not impressing the Chiefs brass. Maybe, the Chiefs Offense is Tight-end centric? Who did the Chiefs have interest in 2014 Free Agency. Jermichael Finley

Travis Kelce had micro-fracture knee surgery after an injury de-railed his rookie season. Anthony Fasano missed 7 games in 2013 and garnered 23 catches for 200 yards. The Chiefs offense had to rely on "The Beard" Sean McGrath a 2nd year undrafted TE had to play far more than expected. 26 receptions for 302 yards far surpassed the combined production of the Chiefs seemingly first order of business; fixing the Tight-end position.

Thus I bring up Jace Amaro. Not a true TE by any stretch of the imagination. The Steelers blog calls him a "Joker" TE. A "move" TE who plays un-attached from the Offensive line. Jace is 6'5 and weighs 265 lbs. The second best TE according to draft sites. Jace accumulated 98 receptions for 1240 yards and 7 TD's in 2013 for the Red Raiders. He added another 8 catches for 112 yards in a bowl game.

The Chiefs have their blocking TE's, fragile as they seem. The Chiefs also carried 4 TE's on the active roster all season. Travis Kelce was moved to injured reserve in October. I would think, Andy Reid's offense did not get what he wanted out of the TE position in 2013. So maybe we add another player?

Jace Amaro Scouting report from



Excellent size with a well-proportioned frame and room for added bulk. Releases cleanly into routes. Moves like an oversized receiver. Good balance. Enough foot speed to stretch the seam. Good hands to extend and catch. Gives effort as a move blocker and can block out defensive backs. Flashes nastiness. Historic one-year production.


Was used as a slot receiver and does not show the functional strength and body power to match up with NFL defensive linemen. Is unsudden (average acceleration) and lacks elite top-end speed. Upright, unrefined route runner -- shows hip and ankle stiffness in and out of breaks. Struggles to consistently separate. Fairly straight-linish after the catch, as confirmed by an average three-cone time (7.42 seconds) at the combine. Ordinary run strength. Production was inflated by scheme and poor pass defenses. Labored to catch the ball at the combine and really struggled to consistently haul it in.


Rounds 2-3


Very productive, finesse, detached tight end who racked up exceptional production as a junior when he was essentially deployed as an inside receiver for the Red Raiders. Will be best utilized in a similar role in the pros.-Nolan Nawrocki

Dexter McCluster is gone, but many want to replace him with a similar player in the Slot. Jace is not slow with a 4.6-4.7 forty time. Eric Ebron had a 4.6 forty time at the combine.

THE Jace Amaro Official (Junior Year) Highlights (via Chad Smith)

Geaux Chiefs

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