Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 4/15

Taxes. Seriously. Get them done. Also, here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

Chiefs Fan Wins Trip To NFL Draft from The Mothership

Through the Chiefs Kingdom Pass Program, Chiefs Season Ticket Members (STMs) had the opportunity to win a trip to the NFL Draft. Gary Friedman, Chiefs STM since 1963, is the lucky winner that will be heading to New York City this year.

"I can't believe I won, it's incredible," Friedman noted. "It was a last minute thing too, there was about a minute left to bid and I put my bid in and then was shocked to find out that I had won. I'm extremely excited."

Looking Back: Chiefs Sixth-Round Draft Picks from The Mothership

The 2014 NFL Draft is just weeks away, beginning with the first round on May 8, rounds two and three on May 9th and rounds four through seven on Saturday, May 10th. As we continue our look back at 20 years of Chiefs draft history, today's focus is on the sixth-round picks by the team, as well as stats from the players' rookie seasons.

Chiefs Should Trade Eric Berry, Kansas City Scribe Says from

The Chiefs' salary cap issues are significant, but there's no reason to blow up their team. Berry isn't a problem. He's the type of leader and player that you hope to find in the draft, not deal away. His contract is an unfortunate remnant of pre-CBA life, but dealing him away only creates more problems on a roster that has already lost a lot of starters.

Trading Eric Berry Is Not The Way To Go from ESPN

Though as a strong safety he doesn't play a so-called premium position, Berry still finds a way to impact the game. He's a playmaker and the Chiefs need to do anything they can to hold on to this type of player. And another thing: Berry is just 25. He won't be 26 until late December, so his best years should be ahead of him. If the Chiefs trade Berry, they'll see him making plays for some other team for another six or eight seasons.

Chiefs' Words, Actions Don't Match On OL from ESPN

I wasn't among those predicting gloom and doom for the Chiefs when they lost three offensive linemen to free agency. They've spent a lot of their draft picks in recent years building depth on their offensive line to better withstand this type of hit.

I also believe you get what you pay for and right now, at least, the Chiefs are paying very little for their linemen.

Chiefs Keep Anheuser-Busch In Huddle from Kansas City Business Journal

The new agreement expands the partnership to include other events beyond just Chiefs games, including the Chiefs Draft Day Party at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. The Chiefs and Anheuser-Busch will also send a lucky contest winner and a guest to New York City to announce a Chiefs draft selection.

Former KC Coach Edwards: It's All About Service from The Kirksville Daily Express

A career that has included time as a professional football player, head coach and now ESPN analyst is not what defines Herm Edwards.

Those things, he says, are only his occupation. His legacy, and others, is shaped by more than that.

"It's about when you leave this earth," the former Kansas City Chiefs head coach said Saturday in Kirksville, "what did you do for others?"

New York Jets 2014 Opponents Analyzed from The Guardian Liberty Voice

Outside of Kansas City, none of the New York Jets away opponents analyzed for 2014 season have great defenses, which should keep them in the games and hope to squeeze out a couple extra wins.

Alex Smith, NFL Quarterback And University Of Utah Alum, To Deliver 2014 Commencement Address from Newswise

"Smith is not only a talented athlete and accomplished student," said David W. Pershing, president of the U, "he is a standout example of class and persistence. It is no surprise that his teammates voted him the Ed Block Courage Award in 2011 as a model of inspiration, sportsmanship and courage. It is an honor to welcome Alex back to campus."

Behnke Three-time Prediction Board Champ from The Lakeland Times

Behnke (and this article's author) each went through the frustration of constantly picking a talented Houston Texans team that couldn't seem to win a game in 2013, and failing to quickly place trust in a comeback Kansas City Chiefs squad.

"It seemed like each week I kept expecting [Houston] to turn things around; they lost 14 straight," Behnke said. "I was slow to believe in the Kansas City Chiefs who won their first nine games and about the time I started picking them they lost five of their last seven games."

Just 1 Rock Concert Or Football Game May Cause Permanent Hearing Damage from Scientific American

Any sustained exposure to sound above 100 decibels for a few hours may potentially put you at risk for one of those little imperceptible deficits, Liberman thinks.  Some of the inter-city rivalry last fall between fans at Seattle Seahawks and  Kansas City Chiefs home games to attempt  the Guinness world record for the loudest stadium noise left fans boasting that their ears rang for days after. "Some percentage of people did irreparable damage," Liberman says. It may be that the NFL may have to start worrying about the long-term brain health of their fans along with that of their players.

NFL Must Do More To Monitor The Mental Health Of Its Players from FOX Sports

The recent troubles with 49ers All-Pro defensive end Aldon Smith combined with a report Monday of a pre-season psych evaluation that says he was "red-flagged" for an elevated potential for off-field trouble have led some to conclude that Smith may have some sort of mental health problem...

...In the past few years Smith has been arrested and charged with DUI, marijuana possession and three counts of felony gun possession. On Sunday, he was arrested at LAX and accused of making a bomb threat...

..We don't need to wait for Junior Seau or Jovan Belcher to happen all over again. Seau, a 12-time Pro Bowler and beloved figure in the sport, was diagnosed with CTE -- a progressive degenerative disease of the brain -- after he fatally shot himself in May 2013. In December 2012, Belcher shot his girlfriend to death at the home they shared before driving to the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility and turning the gun on himself in front of team personnel.

Wyoming's Robert Herron Staying Bust With Team Visits from Mountain West Connections

At his pro day, he talked to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs beforehand and then afterwards he spoke to the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys.  Could his future team be one of these teams mentioned or someone not previously brought up?

2013 NFL Draft Reset: Patriots Don't Let Jamie Collins Drop To Round 2 from NESN

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Sheldon Richardson, defensive lineman, Missouri (No. 13 overall pick) Actual pick: Eric Fisher, offensive tackle, Michigan Fisher really struggled last season at right tackle, so the Chiefs will move the first overall pick on the left side in 2014. Richardson was last season's best rookie.

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