Xavier Su'a-Filo

Quite a mouthful, and possibly a return of Andy Reid to his roots. I know, please not a guard in the 1st round, but it makes sense in a number of ways. Eric Fisher and Xavier Su'a-Filo. A Left Tackle and A Left Guard is the obvious.

What is not obvious is that the Right Guard just got a ton of competition as John Dorsey and Andy Reid build the future Kansas City Chiefs Offensive line. Rodney Hudson, the victor of 4-5 guys would be the Right Guard and Donald Stephenson would complete the Right side. Actually Xavier Su'a-Filo might be the competition for Fisher at Left Tackle.

The Chiefs have done that before, taken the best Left Guard prospect and moved him to Left Tackle. At 6'4 and 304 lbs probably not the greatest plan A but a solid plan B.



Who is Xavier Su'a-Filo? The best Guard prospect in the 2014 NFL draft.

  • Plays hard but doesn't play mean. I like my guards to protect the QB, but I also like a lot of maulers inside who show a nasty streak. He doesn't really have that.


  • Good lateral ability with quick and nimble feet. Showed off his ability to protect the edge with his quick feet this year while playing outside at LT.

Who would he replace on the current Chiefs Roster? The Chiefs do not have starting caliber guards on the roster. We have some candidates and definitely some depth, but not starting caliber Guards at the moment. Of all the Guards that played the position in 2013, Jeff Allen graded per PFF at 124th. Rishaw and Rokevious graded higher.

We could draft a Safety, or a Wide Receiver. Maybe a Defensive Lineman. A Cornerback. But to take the Best player available on the Offensive line, a Position of need. Xavier fills the bill.


UCLA OG Xavier Su'a-Filo ran the forty in 4.97 and 5.07 seconds at the school's pro day event. Bruins' coach Jim Mora said that scouts have told him that Su'a-Filo is the "best guard prospect since All-Pro Steve Hutchinson" came out in the 2001 draft. At the exhibition for scouts, Su'a-Filo added a 26-inch vertical and 8-7 broad jump, did the short shuttle in 4.46 seconds and the three-cone in 7.93 seconds, and lifted 26 reps on the bench press. Su'a-Filo's 5.04 second forty in Indy was the second-fastest amongst guards. Mar 15 - 3:46 PM


  • Much more comfortable run blocking than he is pass protecting, will need to clean up his hand placement and technique when it comes to keeping the QB clean.
  • Plays with initial good leverage but he can lose this the longer he has to sustain the block, can allow his pads to rise and his feet become static.
  • Needs to have a little better awareness when it comes to stunts on the defensive line. Sometimes looks a little confused when defenders come at him from different angles.
  • Needs to show a little more patience. I often saw him lunge when there was a hesitation move on him. Lunging will get you beaten because you give up balance and leverage.


Does not look the part and was miscast when forced to play left tackle for the Bruins, but Su'a-Filo is more effective than he is pretty. Projects best at left guard, where he has starter-caliber ability in a power scheme, though he is athletic enough to appeal to zone teams, too.-Nolan Nawrocki

Interesting to think John and Andy might backstop Eric Fisher. It would not be the worst thing to do in 2014. X might be available with a trade down of a few spots also.

Geaux Chiefs

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